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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hull City captain George Boateng Criticizes Wayne Rooney for Showing Hot Temper

Manchester United defeated Hull City 4-3 on Saturday, but was pushed all the way by the newly promoted side. At one stage, Hull City was trialing by 4-1, but they made it 4-3 gradually. Hull City created huge pressure on Manchester United looking for an equalizer in the match. Hull City captain George Boateng has recently criticized Wayne Rooney for showing his hot temper when things were not coming in his way. However, George Boateng has admitted that Rooney is an outstanding player and his ill temper is because he plays from the heart. He thinks, Rooney has the guile to win and that is why, he seems to be so hot-headed on the field.

Telegraph reported:

Referring to Rooney's reaction when he was booked on Saturday, Boateng said: "The referee didn't know who should have possession so I said 'give it to United to give it back to our keeper'. But Rooney didn't want that. He wanted to compete for it. I said 'fine, let's do it,' then he lost it a bit.

"He's an outstanding player but he gets frustrated when things aren't going right. You can't take that out of him because it's part of what makes him so determined to win. He's got fire."

His outburst at the fourth match official could have earned him a red card too in the match against Hull City. However, Rooney was lucky enough that he was not sent off in the match. There is no doubt, Wayne Rooney has all the potential, ability, skill and guile to become one the greatest ever player of all time in the history of English football. However, he must learn to remain calm and poised on the field because a red card not only takes away two games from his career, but also affect his team- be it England or Manchester United.

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