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Friday, December 25, 2009


Since, I decided to change the top of the blog and make it a blog in which I will write about my efforts to lose weight, I need to write this disclaimer.
First of all, I am not expert or no way qualified about giving medical advice or any kind of advice at all about weight loss, diet, fitness, obesity or any related issue. So, please, do not try to follow any of the things mentioned in this blog without consulting a doctor first. If you do so then you are at your own peril. You cannot blame me or this blog because I am again asking you to consult an expert person before doing anything.
Secondly, my goal is to increase my mental strength in this very challenging and tough journey of losing weight and trying to overcome overweight and bad eating habit. Just treat all the content for motivational and entertainment purpose. For learning about your health and body, just go to a doctor. 

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