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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Euro 2008 Live on Setanta Sports TV Channel

If you are interested to get the live score and updates of Germany vs Spain Final match of Euro 2008, then visit the following link:

Germany vs Spain: Live Score and Updates

To get live score of Spain vs Russia Match, follow this link:

Russia vs Spain: Live Score and Updates

If you are interested to get the online live score and updates of Austria vs Germany and Croatia vs Poland matches of Euro 2008 with live text commentary then visit the following two links:

Austria vs Germany Live Score and Updates

Croatia vs Poland Live Score and Updates

If you want to get online live score and updates of Switzerland vs Portugal match visit the following link:

Euro 2008: Switzerland vs Portugal Live Score

Euro 2008 began today with the opening match between co-host Switzerland and Czech Republic. Following a glittering opening ceremony, the 23-day long tournament started its journey involving 16 teams. Fans around the world are now delighted with the tournament and expecting some mind blowing football in Euro 2008. The tournament is co-organized by Austria and Switzerland.

It is obvious that not all of the football can be able to visit Austria and Switzerland. In fact, most of the people would enjoy the match on television. Earlier, I wrote about BBC and ESPN Star Sports television channels, which will broadcast Euro 2008 tournament live for their subscribers. Now, I am going to write about Setanta Sports, one of the most popular sports channel in Europe and Australia. From wikipedia, I got to know that Setanta Sports is going to broadcast Euro 2008 matches live for the Austrian football fans. Setanta Sports is an Ireland based channel that operates its activities in 24 countries through 12 channels. So, Australian fans can expect world class coverage from Setanta Sports during Euro 2008 football tournament.

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