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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Germany vs Spain: Live Score and Updates

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Germany (0) vs Spain (1)

Spain is the Champion of EURO 2008

93 minutes: Spain won the match 1-0.

92 minutes: Free kick for Spain.

90 minutes: three minutes of added time declared.

89 minutes: Capello failed to give a cross in the box as Spain failed to create another chance

88 minutes: Kuranny shown yellow card for fouling Senna

86 minutes: Spain had a free kick, but poorly taken

82 minutes: What a miss by Marco Senna of Spain. He just needed to tap the ball into the open net.

80 minutes: Spain had a good opportunity but the finishing was not satisfactory

78 minutes: Torres goes out, Dani Guiza comes on in the field

77 minutes: Torres had a good attack and got a corner, but nothing happened in the end

74 minutes: Torres shown yellow card

71 minutes: Germany had a free kick, but Casillas was up to the mark

68 minutes: Lehman made a magnificant save as he tapped the Ramos header out for corner.

66 minutes: Another chnage for Spain. David Silva goes out, Santa Cazola comes on

63 minutes: Xabi Alonso comes on in place of Fabregas

61 minutes: Germany is attacking more now.

59 minutes: Ballack shot went just off the target. Germnay had a good chance. Frist change for Germany. Thomas Hitzlsperger got out and Kevin Kuranyi came on

55 minutes: Torres went into the German defense once again in the similar fashion, but this time, German goal keeper was up to the mark.

53 minutes: Xavi had a good shot, but went just off target

51 minutes: Klose seems to be little injured

48 minutes: Germany in on attack looking for the equalizer

46 minutes: Second half has started just now.

We will be back when the match resumes to take you through the second half of the match

45 minutes (+1 minute): The first half has finished just now. Spain is leading in the match thanks to the goal from Fernando Torres

45 minutes: Iniesta got the ball in a good postition but failed to provide a through to the box

43 minutes: Ballack and Cassilas shown yellow card.

41 minutes: Two back to back corners for Germany. Germany is tr5ying for the equalizer.

38 minutes: Free kick for Spain as Ballack fouled Fabregas

35 minutes: It could have been 2-0 now for Spain, but David Silva missed an easy chance.

33 minutes: Fernando Torres scored for Spain. Spain is leading by 1-0 in the match.

31 minutes: Fabregas shot saved by Lehmann. Can you sense, Arsenal vs Arsenal

30 minutes: Spain had a corner, but referee gave foul for Germany in the box

29 minutes: The match is now very enjoyable with attack-counter attack coming from both sides.

26 minutes: Both the teams got a good chance each in the alst three minutes, but goal is yet to come in the match.

23 minutes: Spain had a good chance, but Torres had hit the side bar. Spain was unlucky here.

19 minutes: Neither side is domination in the match. Spain got a free kick

17 minutes: Spain got a free kick from a dangerous posititon as Frings fouled Iniesta, but Lehmann gripped it successfully

15 minutes: A very good chance for Spain, it could have been an own goal for Germany, but Lehmann saved Metzender's shot for corner.

12 minutes: First corner of the match for Germany, but Spanish defense was up to the mark

11 minutes: Both teams are trying for creating chances

9 minute: Germany is on attack

7 minutes: Spain got a good chance but was called offside in the end.

5 minutes: Another good attack from Germany, but nothing happen in the end.

3 minutes: First good attack from Germany thanks to Miroslav Klose

0 Minute: the match has started just now

National anthem are being sung now.

Players are coming on to the field. Michael Ballack is in Germany's starting line up.

Closing ceremony of Euro 2008 is going on now. The match will start very soon.

The final match of Euro 2008 between Germany and Spain will begin at 19:45 BST. Here, in this entry we will be giving online live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, be with us and enjoy the live updates of the grand final of Euro 2008. When the match starts you will need to refresh the page after every few minutes for the updated score.

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