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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Euro 2008: Switzerland vs Portugal Live Score


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Switzerland (2) vs Portugal (0)

Full time: Switzerland got their first Euro victory tonight defeating Portugal 2-0

90 minutes:
Switzerland won the match 2-0

89 minutes:
Portugal is in attack, but they are yet to find a goal

88 minutes: Time is running out for Portugal. Switzerland seems to get the first Euro victory tonight

85 minutes: Portugal is trying to create chances, but Switzerland seems to be more confident

83 minutes: Hakan Yakin scored another goal for Switzerland. Now, Switzerland is leading by 2-0

82 minutes: Switzerland got penalty

80 minutes:
Portugal is attacking more in the match, but Swiss defense looks organized

77 minutes:
Portugal missed another good chance

75 minutes:
Portugal is looking for the equalizer now

71 minutes: Hakan Yakin scored the first goal for the hosts. Switzerland is now leading the match 1-0

70 minutes:
Switzerland is now playing well in the match

68 minutes: Yakin's shot was deflected off a Portugal defender and went wide off target.
65 minutes:
Shot by Inler of Switzerland shot hit the Portugal's goal bar, the hosts were really unlucky
62 minutes:
Switzerland threatened in the Portugal half, but Portugal was saved for a corner

60 minutes:
Switzerland had an attack but Portuguese defense was up to the mark.

58 minutes:
Ricardo Quaresma's shot saved by Swiss goal keeper

56 minutes:
Neither side is dominating now in the match

53 minutes:
Nani missed perhaps the best chance of the match, as his shot defeated the goal keeper, but hit the side bar

50 Minutes:
Another save by Portugal goal keeper Ricardo

48 minutes:
Switzerland had a good attack, but the header gone wide off the post. Portugal also attacked in the end.

46 Minutes:
The match has been started. Switzerland had the first attack of the second half.

For you kind information, let me tell you that Czech republic is leading 1-0 against Turkey in another Group A match at this moment.

We will come back when second half kicks off. Till then, visit the other articles of this blog.

First half ended in goal less. Both sides created a few chances, but the much-awaited goal has not come yet in the match. Portugal did not look as formidable as they were in the first two matches without some of their regular players. Switzerland played inspirational football, but lacked proper execution and Portuguese keeper denied a few chances of the host.

45 minutes:
Portugal had the last attack before half time.

44 minutes:
Most of the time ball is now in the midfield

42 minutes:
Nani had an attack for Portugal, but nothing happened

40 minutes:
Neither side is dominating now

37 minutes:
Portugal scored, but was called offside in the end.

34 minutes: Portugal got the first corner, but nothing happened

32 minutes:
Portugal keeper Ricardo perhaps made one of the best saved in the tournament so far. Portugal was lucky this time.

30 Minutes: Paulo Ferreira of Portugal shown yellow card

29 Minutes: Another free kick by Nani was succesfully saved by Switzerland goal keeper. Then Switzerland also had a good attack.

27 Minutes:
Both sides are trying to dominate in the match

25 minutes:
Switzerland made a good attack, but lack of proper execution in the end.

24 Minutes:
Portugal's Postiga missed another one, his shot at goal was blocked by a Swiss defender

23 minutes:
Some scary moments for Portugal, Ricardo made a good save

20 Minutes:
Another excellent free kick from Portugal but Swiss goal keeper blocked it

18 Minutes:
Portugal was unlucky as Nani's free kick hit the goal bar

17 Minutes:
Switzerland made a good attack, but Portugal goal keeper Ricardo saved it

15 Minutes:
Portugal had another attack, but Nani could not control the ball in the end.

13 Minutes:
Switzerland attacked but Portugal defense was up to the mark.

10 Minutes: Both teams are playing a bit safe

8 Minutes:
Postiga had a nice header, but went just wide

5 Minute:
Nani ran down the right wing, but could not control the ball in the end.

3 Minute:
No real attack has been made yet in the match

0 Minute:
The match has started just now.

The match will start within few minutes. Players are coming into the field.

The match kicks off at 19:45 BST (British Standard Time).

Switzerland vs Portugal group A match of Euro 2008 will take place at the St. Jakob-Park, Basel tonight. In this post entry we will be giving online live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, be out guest and enjoy the online live score and updates of the match.

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