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Monday, June 16, 2008

Croatia vs Poland Live Score and Updates

Croatia (1) vs Poland (0)

In other match, Germany won by 1-0 against Austria. So, Germany and Croatia get into the quarter final of the tournament from Group B

90 minutes (3 stoppage time): Croatia won the match 1-0

90 minutes: Three minutes of stoppage time. Poland is still behind by 1 goal in the match

88 minutes: Poland is trying all out for a goal, but Croatian goal keeper was excellent to save it

85 minutes: Poland's Molarek had a good try , but his shot went off target

81 minutes: Poland had a very good chance, but the ball went just outside the side bar

78 minutes: Neither side is dominating now

75 minutes: Double substitute for Croatia

73 minutes: Poland is trying to get the equalizer

70 minutes: Poland got a good chance but it was off side

68 minutes: Good save by Croatian goal keeper this time

66 minutes: Polish keeper Boruc saved Poland once again

63 minutes: Poland missed an easy chance as the ball went just off target

60 minutes: Croatia got another good attack, but nothing happened in the end

57 minutes: Poland had a good attack, but the ball went off target

55 minutes: Poland changed the first player as Labodznizic goes out and Smolarek comes in to the field

52 minutes: Croatia scored thanks to Klasnic. Croatia is now leading by 1-0 in the match

49 minutes: Poland had a corner, but Croatian defense was up to the mark

48 minutes: Both sides are looking to build up attacks

46 minutes: The second half has started

We will come back when the match resumes. Till then, you can read articles about Euro 2008 in this blog.

First half ended in goal less. Polish keeper Boruc denied at least three clear chances. However, Croatia had more ball possession in the first half of the match.

45 minutes (stoppage time): Croatia got another excellent chance, but Boruc was there to keep it clean sheet in the first half

45 minutes: Poland got another free kick, but nothing happened

43 minutes: Poland got a free kick, but got a deflection and went out for a corner, but nothing happened in the end

40 minutes: Croatia played better in the last ten minutes in the match

37 minutes: Another excellent save by Boruc, the Poland goal keeper is playing magnificent tonight

35 minutes: Boruc saved Poland once again, as he blocked a left side cross for corner

34 minutes: Croatia got the best chance in the match, but Boruc saved it magnificently

32 minutes: Poland had a free kick, but poorly taken

30 minutes: Croatia got a good chance, but was offside in the end

28 minutes: Poland had an attack, but nothing happened in the end.

26 minutes: A change for Croatia, as slightly injured Knezevic goes out and Corluka comes in

23 minutes: Croatia got another free kick, but Polish goal keeper gripped it easily

20 minutes: Poland was lucky not to have conceded a goal from a well-taken free kick that was met by the head of a Croat player and went just wide off the side bar

18 minutes: Both sides have some good attacks, but goal is yet to come

14 minutes: Croatia got the best chance so far, but there was no Croat player to receive the left side cross to send the ball into the open net

11 minutes: Another good chance for Poland, but the header went wide off target

9 minutes: Croatian goal keeper saved an excellent attack of Poland

7 minutes: Poland had good attack, but Polish defense was up to the mark

5 Minutes: Croatia had the first corner, but nothing happened in the end

3 Minutes: Both sides are trying to create chances

0 Minute: The match has started just now.

Croatian and Polish players are coming into the field

Do not go anywhere. The match will kick off within few minutes.

Here in this entry, you can get live score and updates of the Croatia vs Poland match with text commentary. The match kicks off at 19:45 BST. So, be out guest and enjoy the online live score and updates of the match in this entry. When the match will begin, you will just need to refresh the page after every few minutes to get the updated score of the match.

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