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Monday, June 16, 2008

Austria vs Germany Live Score and Updates

Austria (0) ----- Germany (1)

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Fincal Score: Germany 1--- AUstraia (0). Germany has won the match by 1-0 and is now in quarterfinal.

94 minutes: Germany missed an easy chance.

89 minutes: Bad luck for germany. They jsut did not got the second goal for the amazing save from Austrian goalkeeper. They have a corner now.

87 minutes: It is all Austria now and trying to get a goal. IN the other match, Croatia is leading by 1-0 against Poland.

84 minutes: ANOter opportunity missed for Austria

81 minutes: Corner for Austria. Time is running out for Austria.

78 minutes: Good save from Austrian goalkeeper. he hurt himself. Germany has a corner now

75 minutes: Good attack from Austria and a corner for them.

72 minutes: Corner for AUstria but head was wide

69 minutes: Germany got a good chance but bad finishing in the end

66 minutes: two attacks from Austraia in two minutes but a counter attack from Germany now

63 minutes: Another change of player for Austria.

60 minutes: Change of player for Germany

58 minutes: AUstria is trying for a goal. In the other match, Croatia is leading by 1-0 against Poland

55 minutes: Change of player for Austria

52 minutes: ANother good attack from germany

49 minutes: What a GOAL from Michel Balach from the freekick. Best freekick of Euro 2008. Germany is now leading by 1-0

48 minutes: Austraian number 10 player shown yellow card a freekick for Germany from dangerous position.

46 minutes: No change of player from any of the teams. Austria got a very good chance but could not score

Second half has started and be with us.

First half has finished. Come back within a few minutes for second half action.

45 minutes: First half has finished goalless.

44 minutes: Now, the pace has decreased a lot. NO team is playing good football at the moment.

41 minutes: Can you believe that the coaches have been sent off from teh field and they are now not present to the field.

40 minutes: A good attack from Austria but a bad shot in the end

37 minutes: Germany attacked again. It is still goalless in this match.

33 minutes: Good attack from Germany and anotehr attack. Now, Germany is playing better

30 minutes: Germany has a corner.

26 minutes: Attack from Austria

23 minutes: Great attack from Germany and a good shot too but Austrian goalkeeper made a good save. Corner for Germany.

19 minutes: Austraia is now playing better. A good save from german goalkeeper lehman.

17 minutes: A rare but good attack from AUstria. The fans demanded for a penalty but refree was not interested.

14 minutes: another attack from germany

9 minutes: Germany is totally dominating

6 minutes: Germany has missed two very easy chances in the first 5 minutes. I guess that it was the easies miss of Euro 2008

4 minutes: Germany got a good chance but Austrian defense was superb.

1 minute: The match has started. Be with us for live updates. Germany trying to attack.

The players have finsihed singing national anthem and the match will start now any moment.

The match will start within a few minutes. Be with us for live updates.

Austria vs Germany match will kick off at 19:45 BST tonight. You know that it is an important match for both the teams. Here, in this post entry we will be giving online live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, if you are interested to get the online live score and updates of the match then stay with us and enjoy the text commentary of the match. When the match will start, you will just need to refresh the page after every few minutes to get the updated score of the match.


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    This blog rocks!!
    I can stay at work and know what is going on with the scores and the plays!
    you're the best

  2. Why are the coaches off?

  3. The two coaches were sent off because they quarrleded in teh field.