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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Didier Drogba in Manchester United vs Chelsea Champions League Final

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Chelsea vs Manchester United Champions League: Live Score and Update

Didier Drogba is perhaps the leading striker of Chelsea at the moment. He put a memorable performance against Liverpool in the semi final match of UEFA Champions League 2008. He got injured in his knee in a recent premiership match and this has caused a lot of doubt in the media whether Didier Drogba can play in the final match of Champions League 2008 against Manchester United. Well, now, he has stated that he is confident of playing in the match. That means that he would have to become fit for the match. It seems that the injury not a big deal and he can be fit right in time.

This news would give a lot of boost to all the supporters of Chelsea. They are some depressed to lose the Premier League Title to Manchester United earlier this week. Now, Champions League is the only thing that they can dream of.

Didier Drogba may have confirmed that he would play in the final match in Moscow but he is yet to confirm whether he would stay in Chelsea in next season or not. There is media report that Chelsea is interested to get Liverpool striker Fernando Torres and Chelsea is ready to pay a huge amount of money for getting Fernando Torres. So, Drogba may feel some under pressure with this news.

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  1. Rafael Nascimento4:53 PM

    Didier Drogba deve ficar sim no Chelsea por que ele é o matador do time e não tem ninguém jogando no campeonato inglês sendo atacante que é melhor do que ele em fazer gols.