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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chelsea vs Manchester United Champions League: Live Score and Update


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Manchester united is the Champion of UEFA Champions League 2008.
Chelsea (1) (5)----- Manchester United (1) (6)
14th penalty: Anelka took it and missed and Man Utd is the champion of Champions lague
13th Penalty: Gigs took it and scored
12th penalty: Kalou took it and scored. Score is now 5-5
11th penalty:
Anderson took it and scvored. man Utd leading 5-4
10 th Penalty: John Terry took it and missed. So, sudden death now
9th Penalty: Nani took it and scored. Score is 4-4
8th penalty: Ashley Cole took it and scored. Chelsea is now leading by 4-3
7th peanlty: Man Utd hargrevs scored and now score 3-3
6th Penalty: Chelsea number 8 scored and Chelsea now leading 3-2
5th Penalty:
Ronaldo took and missed. Saved by Chelsea goalkeeper. Score is still 2-2
4th penalty: Chelsea number 35 took and scored easily.
3rd Penalty: karric scored for Man Utd and leading by 2-1
2nd Penalty: Balack took it and scored. Score now 1-1
1st Penalty: Tevez scores for Man Utd.
Penalty shootout will begin now.

Penalty shootout in few minutes.

It will be now decided by penalty shootout. Be with us.
ET 34 minutes:
Perhaps last attack from Man Utd. Change of player for Chelsea.
ET 30 minutes: 30 minutes finished. Now, 2 minutes of added time.
ET 28 minutes: CHelsea attacked now man Utd on attack.
ET Minutes26:
Can you imagine that the incident that led to Drogba started from a throwin. Tevez of Man Utd shown yellow card too.
ET 25 minutes: Players of two sides are excited and Drogba of Chelsea is shown red card. Chelsea is now with 10 players.
22 minutes:
Freekick for Chelsea
20 Minutes: 10 minutes left. Are we heading for penalty shoot out?
18 minutes: Freekick for Man Utd
ET 16 minutes: Extra time second half has just started.
ET 15 minutes: First half has finsihed of extra time. Second 15 minutes will start in 1 minute
ET 12 minutes:
Lovely run from Tevez but in the shot was weak and easily collected by Chelsea goalkeeper
ET 10 minutes: Manchester United just missed an easy opportunity. Of course, you have to give a lot of credit to John Terry for clearing the ball by header off the line
ET 9 minutes: Change of player for Chelsea. Anelka has come in place of JOe Cole
ET 7 minutes: Corner for CHelsea.
ET 4 minutes:
Bad luck for Chelsea. The shot of Lampard hit the Man Utd goalpost. Real bad luck.
ET 2 minutes: Change of player for Chelsea. Kalou comes in place of Maluda
ET 1 minute:
Extra time has started and Man Utd on attack
Extra Time Coming Up within a few minutes. PLease, subscribe to the blog feed free by submitting ur email in the above box
92 minutes:
Full time has finished. Now, 30 minutes of extra time. Be with us for extra time.
90 minutes:
90 minutes has finished and 2 added minutes to be played now
87 minutes: Recording breaking moment for Ryan Giggs. He is now the highest appeared player for Man Utd. CHange of player for Man Utd.
85 minutes: Chelsea had a freekick. Just 5 minutes+ added time left
83 minutes: Drogba again thereatened but Balckh could not shot well.
80 minutes: Chelsea again came close.
78 minutes: Real bad luck for Chelsea. The shot of Drogba defeated everyone but hit the goalpost of ManChester United. Really bad luck.
76 minutes: Is the match heading for extra time or even penalty shootout?
74 minutes: ANother corner for Man Utd
70 minutes:
Corner for Man Utd
67 minutes: Good spell in the match for Chelsea. Chelsea has corner now
64 minutes: Freekick for Chelsea again.
62 minutes: freekick for Chelsea
60 minutes: Another corner for CHelsea. Chelsea is playing better in the second half.
57 minutes: Corner for Chelsea.
55 minutes:
Now, a lovely attack from Chelsea but the shot was too high
54 minutes: Lovely attack from na Utd but the cross pass was too long
51 minutes: Good attack from CHelsea but Joe Cole could not do better
49 minutes: Man Utd in attack
46 minutes
: Second half has started. First atttack from Chelsea.
Second half will start within 1 minute. Be with us for live updates.

First half has finished. Come back within a few minutes for second half action
45 minutes: Chelsea has equalized thanks to Lampard. It was a lucky goal for Chelsea against the current of the match. NOw, score is 1-1
43 minutes:
Freekick for Chelsea and Ferdinand of United shown yellow card for a fowl against Lampard.
42 minutes: Man Utd missed another chance. Teves just failed to score from few meters from the goal post
41 minutes:
Freekick for Manchester United
38 minutes: Freekick for Man Utd.
35 minutes: Two saves from Chelsea goalkeeper in just 5 seconds. Man Utd perhaps lost the best chance of the match and it can become veyr costly for them. Man Utd has a corner.
33 minutes:
CHelsea got a good cahnce. CHelsea has a corner now. Good save from Man Utd goalkeepr
30 minutes: Another attack from man Utd.
28 minutes: It was 8th goal of Ronaldo in Champions League this season. man Utd fans are very happy now and singing.
26 minutes: Manchester United has scored first goal thanks to Ronaldo. Man Utd is leading 1-0.
23 minutes:
Corner for Chelsea but JOhn Terry could not do anything
22 minutes: Yellow card shown to Macalali of Chelsea and Scholes of Manchester United.
19 minutes: Corner for Man Utd but did not threaten Chelsea. Now freekick for Man U
17 minutes:
Freekick for Chelsea.
15 minutes:
I am a bit disappointed wtih the match so far. No real attack from any of them until now.
13 minutes: man Utd attacked but Chelsea defense easily stoped
10 minutes: Good attack from Chelsea but bad finsihing in the end
7 minutes:
Chelsea attacked but offside.
5 minutes: man Utd attacked but Ronaldo could not keep the ball in the end
2 Minutes:
Freekick for Man Utd from within their own half
0 minutes: The match has started now. Be with us for live updates.
The match will start within a minute or two. So, be with us.

Around 10 minutes left. So, dont go anywhere and read some entries from this blog
The match is going to start after 20 minutes. So, read some other entries of this blog.
The final match of Champions League 2007-2008 is going to take place tonight at the Luzhniki Stadium of Moscow. For the first time in the history of Champions League, two English clubs, Chelsea and Manchester United, are going to face each other in a Champions League final.

The match kicks off at 19:45 BST (22:45 Moscow Time). Here, in this post entry, we will be providing live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, be our guest during the match and enjoy the live score and updates of the match. What you need is to refresh the page after every few minutes to get the updated score of the match.

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