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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Liverpool vs Chelsea Champions League: Preview and Live Score

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Chelsea vs Liverpool: Live Score and Updates

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Liverpool vs Chelsea Champions League: Live Score and Update

Champions League 2007-08 is now in the last four and later this week we will have the first leg of two semi final matches. In the first leg of first semi final, Liverpool is going to play against Chelsea. This is a home game for Liverpool and this is a must win match for Liverpool. On the other hand, this is a very important match for Chelsea too. Chelsea should try to get a draw out of this match so that in the second leg they can have better condition.

The match is very important because Liverpool has no hope of winning any title this season. On the other hand, Chelsea fans have everything to look for. For Chelsea fans there is yet hope for English Premier League and UEFA Champions League. So, there is hope for achieving double in this season for Chelsea. Of course, in premier league Chelsea is three points behind the leader Manchester United. There are not a lot of matches in the premier league. In fact, it will be very tough for Chelsea to close up this gap. So, Chelsea fans are now more thinking of Champions League than premier league.

Belfast Telegraph wrote:

So, it's the Champions League or bust and here Chelsea face their European nemesis.

On each of the two previous occasions they've met at the semi-final stage logic pointed to success for the Londoners.

Their domestic record, as this season, had been far superior to Liverpool's. Only a 'hunch' would have predicted their undoing.

The same thing goes for Liverpool. Liverpool fans are perhaps happy that at least they do not have to worry about English premier league and they are focusing on winning the UEFA Champions League. Today, Liverpool showed an impressive form against Fulham and won the match 2-0 at Fulham. This should give a lot of courage to Liverpool players as they could win the match away. You know that Liverpool players their home match at Anfield and Anfield is a very tough place for any visitor team.

BBC wrote:

Pennant gave the Reds the lead against the run of play when he was put through by Lucas Leiva and he took Kasey Keller by surprise with a powerful early shot.

He then turned provider to set up Crouch to score with a low drive.

Fulham were restricted to mostly half chances, with midfielder Danny Murphy going closest with a shot denied by Pepe Reina's legs.

In the quarter final of Champions League, Liverpool put up a spirited fight against Arsenal and won the quarter final against Arsenal convincingly. It should be noted here htat Arsenal is in the third position in English premier league and still five points ahead of Liverpool. So, it was a emphatic win for Liverpool as they could defeat their premiership rival Arsenal who is ahead of them. In the first leg of quarter final, Liverpool struggled too at the Emirates Stadium and drew the match 1-1. Then, in the second leg, Liverpool played at Anfield and defeated Arsenal by 4-2. Well, in the first half of the second match, Arsenal played some batter than Liverpool, it was in the second half that Liverpool stole the show and won the match. Of course, many Arsenal fans felt that Liverpool was lucky in the both legs. For example, in the first leg, Arsenal was deprived of a penalty that they should have got.

On the other hand, in the second leg, Liverpool got a penalty which they should not have got. So, Liverpool will have to play some better against Chelsea this time. As for Chelsea, quarter final was a tough team. In the first leg, Chelsea suffered an unexpected defeat against Fenerbahce. Chelsea lost the match by 2-1 and it was an away match for them. Then in the second leg, Chelsea played much better and they defeated Fenerbache by 2-0.

I think that there is a bad news for Liverpool. Their best player Steven Gerrard is doubtful for the first leg of the semi final. He suffered a knee injury in the match against Fulham in EPL today. It is not sure if he will be fit by Tuesday. That is a very big blow for Liverpool if Steven Gerrard can not play in the first leg. Liverpool played some good football this season and a lot of credit goes to Steven Gerrard. He is the main playmaker for the club and he is a very influential midfielder. He is also a very good player for England national team. So, there is no doubt that Liverpool will miss Steven Gerrard in the match if he can not be fit by Tuesday. Except Gerrard, the player that Liverpool will depend a lot is the Spanish striker Fernando Torres. Fernando Torres is playing superbly in this season and he has scored a lot of goals for Liverpool. In fact, in this season Fernando Torres has scored 22 goals for Liverpool and in Europe he has scored five goals. So, he is a vital player for the club in this season and in this match he has to play very well if Liverpool has to win.

BBC wrote:

The 27-year-old sat out his side's 2-0 win away at Fulham with a neck injury and Benitez is unsure if he will be fit in time to face the Blues at Anfield.

"We don't know at the moment," he said. "Steven is working with the physios.

"He is improving but it is still too soon. You always have to be careful with the neck."

You know that Chelsea is full of star players and Chelsea has perhaps the richest pool of players in English premier league in the last few seasons. At first, many people thought money can not buy success, but Chelsea perhaps proved it wrong. Chelsea owner spent a lot of money and he has seen some success. Well, Chelsea has a lot of star players but they may have some injury worries too. Frank Lampard is the key player for them and Chelsea will depend a lot on him.

I think that more than the players, it will be the match of two coaches. Both of the coaches are under a lot of pressure to perform. Let us talk about the home team coach Rafael Benitez. Rafael Benitez wants to stay at Liverpool but, there is a lot of pressure on Liverpool management to bring a new coach. In fact, if Liverpool gets out of Champions league this season then it will be a disaster for the club and the fans will become very annoyed with the coach. You know that in world football there is no alterative to perform and Rafael Benitez has failed to perform totally this season.

BBC wrote:

Benitez's position has been thrown into doubt over revelations the American duo and chief executive Rick Parry held talks with Jurgen Klinsmann last year.

But on Friday the 48-year-old Spaniard reiterated his determination to honour his contract, which runs until 2010.

"I'm really pleased and happy here and want to stay," he said.

Of course, you might think that Liverpool fans are asking too much from him. If you look at the other clubs of English premier league, you may think that Arsenal could not win any trophy this season and Arsenal fans are quite happy with Arsene Wenger. There is no strong demand for resignation or firing of Arsene Wenger from Arsenal fans. So, I think that Rafael Benitez should also be given some more time. Well, many people are not too much happy with him.

The same perhaps goes to Chelsea coach Avram Grant. I have already told that Chelsea has perhaps the richest team in English premier league in the last few seasons. So, the owner and the fans of Chelsea now expect only success in home and in Europe, Now, there is double chances for Chelsea to win both English premier league and Champions league. At the same time they can lose both. So, there is a lot of pressure on Avram Grant to show success for Chelsea. Many Chelsea fans feel that Avram Grant may not be the right person for the club and they want a better person.

BBC wrote:

  • Grant's position has been under constant scrutiny this season, and many fans are unhappy with his team's performances in recent weeks.
  • Chelsea are also still in the hunt for the Champions League with a semi-final double-header against Premier League rivals Liverpool on the horizon.

So, you see that this a very important match for both the club and for both of the coaches. Whoever wins will be happy and winning the semi final will mean one step going towards becoming the champions in Champions League. Now, I am giving some live score websites here.

Live Score


Footie Scorez



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