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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Liverpool vs Chelsea Champions League: Live Score and Update

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If you are interested to know the live score and updates of Chelsea vs Liverpool second leg semi final match of Champions League, then visit the following link:

Chelsea vs Liverpool: Live Score and Updates

The match has been ended in a 1-1 draw at the Anfeild. The second leg match of Chelsea vs Liverpool will take place on 30 April

Liverpool (1)---- Chelsea (1)

94 minutes: The match has finsihed 1-1

94 minutes: Can you belivve it? Chelsea has scored in the last minute of the match with an own goal from LIverpool number 6

88 minutes: Liverpool on attack. LIverpool is now trying to get the second goal

87 Minutes: Corner for Liveprool

85 minutes: Change of player for Chelsea. Michael Ballack is going out and Micholas Anelka is coming in

80 minutes: Freekick for Liverpool

78 minutes: A good attack from Liverpool after some time. Long distacne shot but well taken by Chelsea goalkeeper.

76 minutes: Lovely build up from Chelsea in an counter attack

74 minutes: Good attack from Chelsea

72 Minutes: Chelsea is trying to equlaize but Liverpool defense is holding on

69 minutes: Chelsea on attack.

66 minutes: Bad luck for Chelsea. They missed the best chance

58 minutes: Liverpool on attack

55 MInutes: Freekick for Liverpool

52 minutes: Corner for Liverpool.

49 MInutes: Freekick for Chelsea and Drogba looked dangerous

46 Minutes: Second half action has started. Be with us for the next 45 minutes for live action of the match

45 minutes: first half has ended. Liverpool is leading by 1-0. Come after few minutes for second half action. Read some other entries in this blog.

42 MInutes: Liverpool has at last scored the first goal. Dirk Kuyt number 18 scored the goal and Liverpool is leading by 1-0

40 minutes: Now corner for Chelsea but not well taken

37 minutes: Corner for Liverpool but well cleared by Chelsea defense

35 MInutes: Chelsea got a corner but easily collected by Liverpool goalkeeper

33 MInutes: Liverpool again attacked but this time Chelsea defended much better

30 Minutes: Bad luck for Liverpool. Torres got Chelsea goalkeeper alone but could not score

27 Minutes: Best spell of the match for Liverpool. They are playing much better tahn Chelsea now

25 Minutes: Another attack from liverpool buyt bad finishing

22 Minutes: LIverpool attacked but nothing happened.

19 Minues: Freekick for Chelsea but well defended by LIverpool.

17 Minutes: Again good attack from LIverpool but Torres could not convert

15 Minutes: Another nice attack from Liverpool. Liverpool looks stronger now. Freekick for Chelsea

12 Minutes: Liverpool had best attack and almost scored the first goal. Chelsea goalkeeper could somehow save it

9 Minutes: 9 minutes have passed and both teams are attacking and counter attacking. Chelsea just got a corner but not impressive.

The match will start soon. So, do not go anywhere.

Liverpool vs Chelsea match kicks off within two hours (19:45 GMT). Here, in this post we will be giving live score and updates of the match with live text commentary. So, if you want to get the live score and update of the match from time to time, then stay with us and refresh the page after every few minutes.

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