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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chelsea vs Liverpool: Live Score and Updates


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Chelsea (3)--- Liverpool (2)

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Final Score: Chelsea has won the match by 3-2 and in final of Champions League 2008.

ET 31 minutes: CHelsea has made it. First ever appearchnce in European Final and Chelsea is in final.

ET 30 minutes: One minute left for the match. One final extra minute

29 minutes: Change of player for Chelsea. lampard going and Chevchenko came.

27 minutes: Liverpool has scored out of no where. Long distance shot from babel. Liverpool ius not out of the match yet.

ET minutes 25: Chelsea is looking for the 4th goal and has a freekick now.

ET 23 minutes: LIverpool again attacked but they surely miss Torres now

ET 21 minutes: Freekick for CHelsea from a dangerous position.

ET 19 minutes: Liverpool again attacked but bad run from babel. Torres is in the bench now and crying. Poor Liverpool fans

ET 17 minutes: LIverpool attacked but ball collected by CHelsea goalkeeper.

First half of Extra TIme has finished. DOnt go anywhere. Second half will start within a minute or two.

ET 15 minutes: Drogba has perhaps won the match foir CHelsea by scoring the 3rd goal. Lovely pass from ANelka and Drogba finished superbly. CHelsea is now leading 3-1

ET 14 minutes: CHelsea on attack.

ET 12 minutes: Attack from Liverpool but Babel was offside

ET 10 minutes: COrner for LIverpool

ET 9 minutes: Can you belive that Liverpool has taken TOrres back? WHo will score for them? Bad decision from LIverpool coack to change Torres.

ET 8 minutes: Lampard has scored from Penalty and Chelsea is leading by 2-1

7 mninutes: Chelsea has got a penalty.

ET 5 minutes: Can you believe it?? CHelsea scored. Essien shot directly but it was offside. I never saw this thing in my life. It did not touch the ball any other Chelsea player. It was not a pass but a direct shot. Good luck for Liverpool again

ET 2 minutes: Scary moments for Chelsea defense. Good chance for Liverpool and Lovely cross from Risa but no one could socre in the end for Liverpool. Now, Liverpool has a corner

ET 0 minute: Extra time has statrted. LIverpool has a freekick.

Extra Time will start within a few second.

Change of player for CHelsea. Anelka has come in place of Joe Cole.

92 minutes: normal time has ended 1-1. Now, extra time of 30 minutes. So, be with us for live updates.

91 minutes: We are in the last miunute of normal time.

89 minutes: Steven Gerad looked a bit injured. Now, he is ok.

87 minutes: Chelsea has a corner now.

85 minutes: Will the match go to extra time and then penalty shoot out? That is the question now. Freekick for LIverpool

83 minutes: Chlesea attcked but a poor attack.

81 minutes: Lovely cross from Pennat but well collected by Chelsea goalkeeper.

79 miutes: LIverpool has a corner and again another corner.

78 minutes: Change of player for Liverpool. Benayon is leaving the field and Pennant has come in the field.

75 minutes: best spell of the match for Chelsea now. They have put out all out attack to get a goal but Liverpool defenders are playing very well.

73 minutes: Chelsea attacked but very bad pass.

70 minutes: Change of player for Chelsea. Malouda comes in place of Kaolu

68 minutes: Lovely attack from Liverpool again. If the match stays this way (1-1) then we will have extra time

66 minutes: Chelsea has a freekick

64 minutes: Liverpool has come back in the match. Torres has scored a lovely goal. Now, score is 1-1

63 minutes: Joe Cole missed an easy chance for Chelsea.

62 minutes: Lovely cross from Steven Gerad but no Liverpool player to head it.

60 minutes: Chelsea again attacked but this time Michel Balack passed wrong and LIverpool on counter attack.

58 minutes: CHelsea on attack but clearer LIverpool defense

55 minutes: Liverpool oin attack.

53 minutes: What a shot from lampard. Liverpool goalkeeper was even better and caught the ball.

51 minutes: Chelsea has a freekick. Lampard took the freekick but a poor one

49 minutes: bad luck for Liverpool. They got two chances in 30 seconds. Two corners for Liverpool in one minute. Real bad luck for Liverpool.

46 minutes: Second half has started. It is raining in the field. Be with us for live updates.
Come back within a few minutes for second half action. DOnt forget to subscribe to the feed of the blog by submitting your email in the above box.
45 minutes: First half has finished and Chelsea is leading 1-0.

44 minutes: Liverpool attacked but bad finishing in the end.

42 minutes: Chelsea lost a good chance

41 minutes: a free kick for Chelsea and Liverpool player ALONSO shown a yellow card

39 minutes: free kick for Liverpool

37 minutes: another attack from chelsea

33 minutes: Chelsea scored the first goal. DROGBA was the scorer.

30 minutes: free kick for Chelsea

27 minutes: Another good attack from Chelsea

25 minutes: Nice counter attack from Chelsea. Very nice shot from Ballack.

23 minutes: Now, Liverpool had a good chance. Benyaon could not control his shot in the end

21 minutes: ANOther good attack from Chelsea. Essen shot a long distance but saved well by Liverpool goalkeeper in the end. Really, good goalkeeping

19 minutes: What a miss by Drogba. Lovely run from him and defeated everyone but his shot was just marginally wide. best chance of the match so far.

18 minutes: Freekick for Chelsea

15 minutes: Chelsea is playing better now. Freekick for LIverpool from a dangerous position.

12 minutes: Drogba threatened and Chelsea got a corner

10 minutes: Lovely counter attack from LIverpool and Torres almost scored. Chelsea goalkeeper saved it somehow for a corner

8 minutes: NIce move from Chelsea but off side in teh end. C

6 minutes: Good attack from Chelsea. Drogba fired a shot and Liverpool goalkeeper saved it for a corner

4 minutes: First attack from Liverpool and blocked by Chelsea defense

2 minutes: Chelsea has a freekick now

0 minutes: The match has statred and Chelsea has the first attck

The match will start within a few minutes. Be with us for live updates

The second leg semi final match of Champions League between Chelsea and Liverpool is going to start within few hours. The match kicks off at 19:45 BST. The first leg match ended in a 1-1 draw at Liverpool. So, it is the deciding match tonight and both the teams will try their best to join Manchester United in the final of Champions League 2007-2008. Here, in this post entry, we will be giving live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, be with us to know which team will face Manchester United in the final. You just need to refresh the page after every few minutes to know the latest update of the match.


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