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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Barcelona vs Manchester United: Live Score and Updates

Barcelona (0) vs Manchester United (0)

If you are interested to get the live score and updates of the Manchester United vs Barcelona second leg semi final match, then visit the following link:

Manchester United vs Barcelona: Online Live Score and Updates

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90 minutes: The match has finished and the final score is 0-0. Thanks a lot for being with us and please subscribe to the feed of this blog by putting your email in the above box.

89 minutes: Freekick for Man UTD

88 minutes: Freekick for Barcelona and taken by Henry and Man U goalkeeper again did a remarkable save

85 minutes: Freekick for Barcelona

83 minutes: Long Range shot from Theirry Henry. A good shot but saved by Man U goalkeeper

80 minutes: Just 10 minutes of normal time left and the score is still goalless

76 minutes: Yet another attack from Barcleona but nothing happened

73 minutes: Barcelona is again on attack but they are failing to score any goal. Manchester United on counter attack.

70 minutes: Rare attack from Man Utd and now counter attack from barcelona

68 minutes: ANother attack from Barcelona.

65 minutes: Corner for Barcelona

62 minutes: Change of player for Barcelona. Messi is coming off and Karic has come in the field

61 minutes: Freekick foir Barcelona

58 minutes: Barcelona attacked but bad passing in the end

56 minutes: ANother attack from Barcelona but this time easily collected by Man Utd goalkeeper

54 minutes: 2 attacks from Barcelona in 1 minute. I think that it is a matter of time foir Barcelona to score a goal

52 miuntes: Etoo got a good chance for Barcelona but his shot was just wide

50 minutes: Bad luck for Barcelona. They almost scored a goal but Manchester United was very lucky. Now counter attack from Manchester5 United

48 minutes: Manchester United attacked but then counter attack from Barcelona. Messi played great and earned a corner

46 minutes: Second half has started and Barcelona is on attack

45 minutes: FIrst half has finished. COme back after few minutes for second half action and live updates. Meanwhile, you can read some other entries of this blog and consider subscribing to the feed of the blog at free of charge

44 minutes: Marquez of Barcelona shown yellow card and Manchester United has a freekick now

42 minutes: Barcelona again threatened but poor finishing in the end

40 minutes: Freekick for Manchester United

37 minutes: Another freekick for barcelona

34 minutes: Barcelona attacked again and this time Manchester United was lucky that the shot hit a defender and was an easy catch for Mancheter United goalkeeper in the end

32 Minutes: Barcelona has got freekick from the edge of penalty box. and now a corner for barcelona

29 Minutes: Another rare attack from Man Utd and Ronaldo claimed for a penalty

27 Minutes: Barcelona again on attack.

23 minutes: Another lovely attack from Barcelona and Barcelona has a corner now

21 minutes: Barcelona got a freekick and it was close

19 minutes: Barcelona again threatened. Deco and Messi are both proving to be dangerou for Manchester United

17 minutes: Manchester United got a corner but very poorly taken

15 minutes: After almost 8 minutes, Manchester United attacked and they have a freekick now

13 minutes: Barcelona has got a freekick from the edge of Penalty box. It is all Barcelona for the momnet

11 minutes: Lovely attack from Barcelona and barcelona has attacked 4 times in the last 4 minutes

9 minutes: Corner for Barcelona and again corner

7 minutes: Freekick to Barcelona

5 minutes: Barcelona on attack but well cleared by Man Utd defense

2 MInutes: Manchester United has got a penalty. Ronaldo took it and he has missed. The shot hit the goalpost. Good luck for Barcelona

0 minutes: The match has started. Manchester United is on attack and Man Utd has got a freeekick

The first leg semi final match of Champions League 2007-2008 between Barcelona and Manchester United is going to start within few hours (19:45 GMT). In this entry, we will be providing live score and updates of the match with live text commentary. So, if you are interested to know the latest score with text commentary of the match, then be with us and enjoy the match here. What you need to do is to refresh the page after every few minutes to know the updated score and commentary of the match.


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    barca will beat man u in the next leg. liverpool will beat chelsea then liverpool will win the champions league by smashing barca losers

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