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Sunday, September 23, 2007

India vs Pakistan Twenty20 World Cup Final: Who will Win?

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India vs Pakistan T20 Final: Live Score and Updates


India and Pakistan will face each other in tomorrow’s final in Twenty20 world cup 2007. The match will take place at the New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg. The upcoming India vs Pakistan match is now the much focused topic in world cricket. India vs Pakistan match is always something special for the fans. India vs Pakistan match does not remain just a cricket match. It is more than a cricket match. Fans are eagerly waiting to see a classic match between these two traditional rivals. Now, the million dollar question is that who will win the match.

Actually when two rival teams like India and Pakistan face each other, it becomes hard to make any prediction. Moreover, when India and Pakistan play each other, players on both sides face mental pressure and naturally that affect their natural game. So, many star players could not play well in India vs Pakistan match. That is why, it becomes hard to go for any prediction for such a match. So, I think, both teams have the equal chance in the match and those who will be able to play positively avoiding pressure will win the match.

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Moreover, both India and Pakistan came to play in Twenty20 world cup with a young side. Indian selectors have given the captaincy to young Mahendra Singh Dhoni and there are many inexperienced players in the squad. Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik is also young and most of his key players are young. So, both India and Pakistan have the same kind of players in terms of experience and skill.

However, I think, India has better chance to win the match. This is my personal opinion and you may not agree with me. I think, almost all the players of Indian team have got success in this tournament and that is why, they are confident enough before they face Pakistan. For example, Joginder Sharma was thought to be very expensive. However, in the last match, he bowled the last over against Australia while Australia needed 22 runs to win the match. Joginder Sharma bowled very well and took two wickets conceding just 6 runs. This may be too impressive to you but for a new bowler it is really inspirational and it will boost his confidence.

Though Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir could not do well in the last two matches, they had proved their ability earlier in the tournament. Robin Uthappa is consistently performing and he seems to be next star batsmen for India. Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are dominating over the opponent bowlers. New comer Rohit Sharma also proved his skill in the match against South Africa saving India from a crucial situation. Indian bowlers are also performing very well. Rudra Pratap Singh, Sreesanth, Irfan Pathan have been impressive in the tournament. Harbhajan Singh is also doing his job perfectly. So, you can easily understand that when all the players are playing well for a team, the confidence of the players also increases.

However, it is also true that Pakistan team also performing consistently but their only problem is that they lack a quality spinner in the side. Though Shahid Afridi is bowling excellently well, they should have included a quality spinner in the squad. Sometimes, occasional spinners cannot work well, especially in the big matches. However, I think, Misbah-ul-Haq and Shoaib Malik can be vital for Indian bowlers. Shahid Afridi and Younis Khan are experienced enough to play a big role for Pakistan in the final. Now, I hope to see a classic match between these two rival teams. India vs Pakistan match should be a typical India vs Pakistan match: this is the common anticipation of all fans in the cricket world.

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  1. As we asians didnt play much of twenty20 matches..
    Its great to see the asian teams in the final, whatever may be the outcome of todays match doesnt matter much for both the team but its stunning moment for the spectators.
    hope india wil come home wit the best.. good luck india.. chak de