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Sunday, September 23, 2007

India vs Pakistan Twenty20 World Cup Final: Yuvraj Singh Hopes to Play the Same against Pakistan

India vs Pakistan final match of Twenty20 world cup is now the most talked matter in the cricket world. India has made it to the final after defeating Australia by 15 runs in the semi final. Yuvraj Singh played a disastrous innings of 70 runs off just 30 balls. On the way to play such an innings, Yuvraj Singh hit five 4s and five 6s to propel India to score 188 runs.

Yuvraj started of a six and he continued his valiant batting throughout his innings. After the match, Yuvraj Singh said that he had never thought that he could play like this. He also wanted to continue his hard hitting batting in the final. So, Pakistan bowlers should be careful about Yuvraj Singh.

India Times reported:
"I never thought that I could play like this. It is God's benevolence that I am batting like this. Hopefully, if I continue like this in the final too, it will be good for the team. I am hitting the ball well, and I am very happy," he said after India beat Australia in the semi-finals.
"This win means a lot to us. Australia were playing a full side and beating them has given us a lot of confidence. A lot of people didn't believe in us. We summoned our self-belief and came up with a victory.

India and Pakistan are two cricket powers in the cricket world. However, it is not just a cricket match, India vs Pakistan match becomes more than a cricket match because of the rivalry of the two countries. Yuvraj Singh is now good form and he can come up with another destructive innings against Pakistan to help India to win the Twenty2o world cup title in South Africa.

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