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Sunday, September 23, 2007

India vs Pakistan T20 Final: Live Score and Updates

Pakistan's Target is 158 runs

India is World Champions of Twnety20 Cup 2007

19.3 Overs: Pakistan is 152 Misbah-ul-Haq got out while making another big shot. India won the match.

19.2 Overs: Pakistan is 152/9 Huge six came from Misbah-ul-Haq

19.1 Overs: Pakistan is 146/9

19 Overs: It was a wide ball. Pakistan is 146/9

After 19 Overs: Pakistan is 145/9 Asif hit a four

18.5 Overs: Pakistan is 141/9 Umar Gul got out

18.4 overs: Pakistan is 141/8

18.3 Overs: Pakistan is 140/8

18.2 Overs: Pakistan is 140/8

18.1 Overs: Pakistan is 139/8

After 18 Overs: Pakistan is 138/8 Shohail Tanvir got out after scoring 12 runs from 4 balls

17.5 Overs: Pakistan is 138/7 Pakistan is now rocking

17.4 Overs: Pakistan is 131/7

A wide ball. Pakistan is 130/7

17.1 Overs: Pakistan is 129/7 Another hug six

After 17 Overs: Pakistan is 123/7 Huge six came in the last ball

16.4 Overs: Pakistan is 117/7 Another huge six

16.2 Overs: Pakistan is 111/7 Miabah-ul-Haq hit a huge six

After 16 Overs: Pakistan is 104/7 Yasir Arafat has got out as he being played on for 15

15.4 Overs: Pakistan is 104/6 Pakistan got four runs

15.2 Overs: Pakistan is 99/6 Irfan is bowling very well

After 15 Overs: Pakistan is 99/6 A half chance was in the last ball of this over

14.4 Overs: Pakistan is 96/6

14.2 Overs: Pakistan is 95/6

After 14 Overs: Pakistan is 92/6 Pakistan needs 65 runs from 36 balls

13.4 Overs: Pakistan is 90/6

13.2 Overs: Pakistan is 89/6

After 13 Overs: Pakistan is 88/6

12.5 Overs: Pakistan is 87/6

12.4 Overs: Pakistan is 83/6

12.2 Overs: Pakistan is 81/6

After 12 Overs: Pakistan is 78/6 It was a superb over from Irfan Pathan as he got two wickets giving 2 runs

11.4 Overs: Pakistan is 77/6 Shahid Afridi got out while making a big shot

11.3 Overs: Pakistan is 76/5 Shoaib Malik got out

11.2 Overs: Pakistan is 76/4

After 11 Overs: Pakistan is 76/4

10.4 Overs: Pakistan is 74/4

10.2 Overs: Pakistan is 71/4

After 10 Overs: Pakistan is 70/4 It was a good over for India

9.4 Overs: Pakistan is 67/4

9.2 Overs: Pakistan is 67/4

After 9 overs: Pakistan is 65/4 Superb over for India as they took one wicket and gave only 2 runs

8.4 Overs: Pakistan is 65/3

8.3 Overs: Pakistan is 65/4 Pakistan lost the wicket of Yunus Kahn

8.2 Overs: Pakistan is 65/3

After 8 Overs: Pakistan is 63/3 It was a good over for India as they gave only 5 runs

7.4 Overs: Pakistan is 62/3

7.2 Overs: Pakistan is 60/3 Yusuf Pathan is bowling

After 7 Overs: Pakistan is 58/3

6.5 Overs: Pakistan is 58/3

6.3 Overs: Pakistan is 57/3 Yunus hit another four

6.2 Overs: Pakistan is 53/3

After 6 Overs: Pakistan is 53/3

5.4 Overs: Pakistan is 53/3 Pakistan lost another wicket. Nazir got run out

5.3 Overs: Pakistan is 53/2 Yunus hit another four

5.2 Overs: Pakistan is 48/2

After 5 Overs: Pakistan is 144/2 Pakistan run rate is good

4.5 Overs: Pakistan i 143/2

4 Overs: Pakistan is 31/2. Sresanth bowled a maiden over. Can you believe it? A maiden over in teh final match of Twenty20 WOrld CUp.

3.4 Overs: Pakistan is 31/2. Sresanth did not give any run in 4 balls.

3.2 Overs: Pakistan is 31/2. First two balls were dots.

Sreseanth is bowling the fourth over.

3 Overs: Pakistan is 31/2. India needs another wicket desperately.

2.2 Overs: Pakistan is 26/2 Kamran Akmal got out. RP Singh takes another wicket for India

2.1 Overs: Pakistan is 26/1

After 2 Overs: Pakistan is 25/1 This a good over for Pakistan. They took 21 runs from this over

1.5 Overs: Pakistan is 24/1 Nazir hit a four

1.4 Overs: Pakistan is 20/1

1.3 Overs: Pakistan is 20/1 Nazir hit another huge six. Sreesanth looks helpless

1.2 Overs: Pakistan is 14/1 Huge six came from Nazir

1.1 Overs: Pakistan is 8/1 Nazir hit a four

After 1 Over: Pakistan is 4/1 It was a goo over for India as they took the wicket of Hafeez

0.5 Over: Pakistan is 2/1 Pakistan lost first wicket

0.4 Over: Pakistan is 2/0

0.1 Over: Pakistan is 1/0 Rudra Pratap Singh is bowling

Indian Innings has jut finished and Indian batsmen have scored 157 runs in their allotted 20 Overs. It is not bad but let us see if it is enough for India. India opened the batting in a good way with Yousuf Pathan trying to score some quick runs. He got out after scoring 15. Gautam Gambhir played an excellent innings. He came to bat in the opening and he stayed until 18 overs. He played a superb innings. He passed 200 runs in the first Twenty20 World Cup. Except Gambhir no one could bat so well. India lost wickets at regular intervals.

You have to give huge credit to Pakistani bowlers. They bowled superbly and most of the time they could deliver Yorker length balls. In fact, all of the Pakistani bowlers bowled well and Indian batsmen failed to go after any particular bowler. Umar Gul captured 3 Indian wickets and he was the most successful bowler for Pakistan.

I feel that Indian batsmen were a bit nervous and did not plan well.

This is not a bad total. If Indian bowlers can bowl well then India may win. However, at this moment, I must say that Pakistan has better chance of winning the match.

After 20 Overs: India is 157/5 Pakistan needs 158 runs to win the match.

19.5 Overs: India is 155/5

19.4 Overs: India is 153/5

19.3 Overs: India is 152/5

19.2 Overs: India is 151/5 A huge six

19.1 Overs: India is 145/5

After 19 Overs: India is 143/5 It was a good over for India

18.5 Overs: India is 141/5

18.4 Overs: India is 141/5

18.3 Overs: India is 140/5

18.2 Overs: India is 138/5 Sharma hit another boundary

18.1 Overs: India is 134/5 Shamr hit a four

After 18 Overs: India is 130/5 Gambhir got out. Gul takes another wicket for Pakistan

17.4 Overs: India is 129/4

17.3 Overs: India is 128/4 Gambhir hit a huge six

17.2 Overs: India is 122/4

After 17 overs: India is 120/4 It has been 24 balls India got their last boundary

16.5 Overs: India is 119/4 India needs scoring shots

16.2 Overs: India is 117/4

After 16 Overs: India is 114/4 This is a superb over for Pakistan as they got the big wicket of Dhoni

15.4 Overs: India is 113/4 Rohit Sharma and Uthappa is now batting

15.2 Overs: India is 111/4 Dhoni got bowled out.

Dhoni could not take any run from the free hit

The first ball of this over is a no ball

After 15 Overs: India is 110/3

14.4 Overs: India is 109/3

14.2 Overs: India is 107/3

After 14 Overs: India is 105/3 Excellent over for Pakistan as they got one wicket

13.4 Overs: India is 104/3

13.3 Overs: India is 103/3 Yuvraj Singh got out while hitting big shot. Gul got the wicket

13.1 Overs: India is 102/2 Gambhir hit another four

After 13 Overs: India is 98/2 It was a good over for India

12.5 Overs: India is 96/2

12.4 Overs: India is 96/2

12.3 Overs: India is 95/2 Superb four from Gambhir

12.2 Overs: India is 91/2

12.1 Overs: India is 90/2

12 Overs: India is 89/2

11. 5 Overs: India is 88/2. An excellent boundary from Gautam Gambhir and it brings 200 runs for him in this world cup;.

11.2 Overs: India is 84/2

Gul is bowling 12th over and the first ball is wide

11 Overs: India is 82/2. A good over for India.

A massive six for India

10.2 Overs: India is 70/2. Indian players are batting slowly now.

Afridi is bowling the 11th over.

10 Overs: India is 69/2

9.2 Overs: India is 63/2 Gambhir played another superb shot and hit another four

After 9 Overs: India is 58/2 Gambhir hit a four and it was a good over for India.

8.4 overs: India is 57/2

7.4 Overs: India is 50/2

7.1 Overs: India is 49/2 Gambhir hit a four

After 7 Overs: India is 45/2 Pakistan missed a half chance in the last ball. Shahid Afridi bowled really very well

6.4 Overs: India is 44/2

After 6 Overs: India is 40/2 This was a superb over for Pakistan. India lost one wicket and took only one run

5.4 Overs: India is 40/2 Uthappa got out while hitting a big shot.

After 5 Overs: India is 39/1 Uthappa hit a four in this over.

4.4 Overs: India is 39/1

4.2 Overs: India is 38/1

4 Overs: India is 33/1

3.4 Overs: India is 30/1

3.3 Overs: India is 29/1

43Overs: INdia is 26/1

AN excellent over from Mohammad Asif. He got one wicket and gave only 6 runs.

2.4 Overs: India loses first wicket. Yousuf Pathan is out for 15.

2.3 Overs: India is 25/0. Another boundary from Pathan.

Mohammad Asif is bowling the 3rd Over.

After 2 Overs: India is 20/0

1.4 Overs: India is 20/0

1.2 Overs: India is 19/0 Gautam Gambhir hit a four

1 Over: India is 13/0

0.4 Overs: First six from Yousuf Pathan and India is 8/0

0.3 Overs: India is 2/0. Indian batsmen need to play carefully agaisnt MOhammad Asif.

0.1 Over: India is 1/0. Yousuf Pathan is with Gautam Gambhir

India is starting batting. For Pakistan Mohammad Asif is bowling the first ball.

India has won the toss and decided to bat.

Indian anthem is going on now

30 minutes left to stat the match. Coming soon with online live scores of the match.

The match will start within 75 minutes. So, wait with your patience

The match will start at 12 Hours GMT of 24 September 2007 (Monday). So, check your local time according to GMT and come back for live score.

India vs Pakistan final match of Twenty20 world cup is going to take place today. The match is going to be a classic one in cricket history as India and Pakistan are going to face each other in a world cup final for the first time. India vs Pakistan match is always something special. This is a world cup final and that is why, it is expected that cricket fans throughout the world will enjoy this match. India and Pakistan, both teams are now in their peak form and their key players are also in their top form. So, you can expect a memorable match at the New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg

You will get live scores and updates of the match in this entry. So, if you are interested to get the live scores of the India vs Pakistan match then keep this page open in your browser in your browser.


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