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Friday, March 11, 2011

Will Amazon Launch a Tablet PC to challenge Apple?

It seems that Apple is going to totally dominate the tablet device market for the near future. Motorola Xoom has not been able to take significant market share from the company. Instead, iPad 2 created a lot of buzz. Today, Lance Whitney has written in Cnet about this matter: Can any tablet challenge the iPad?
Mr. Whitney has written about the possibility of Amazon making a tablet to challenge Apple. Amazon has already seen huge success with Kindle e-book reader. I wonder whether the company would launch a tablet with the same name or will change the name.
Amazon has not announced officially anything about a new tablet but there is a strong possibility that the company will for it. If it does then it really should try to come up with a tablet that will be much cheaper than iPad, Xoom or PlayBook. If not then the tablet will not be able to compete agasint iPad. 

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