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Friday, March 11, 2011

Acer coming up with Honeycomb run Tablet in Taiwan Soon

Taiwan is not a big market for tablet devices but both Asus and Acer are from Taiwan. So, both of the two companies want to have good position in the local market. Acer is going to launch a Honeycomb run tablet in the next one month in Taiwan. According to a report of Digitimes, the market for tablet PC is going to become 400,000 units in 2011.
These are tough days for Acer as the company is losing ground in the PC market because of the matter that Apple’s iPad is taking away netbook sales and Acer is getting badly hurt. Just yesterday, iSuppli in a report stated that Dell replaced Acer as the number two PC maker thanks to the fact that iPad was eating away the netbook and notebook business.
So, Acer really needs to focus on the tablet industry and do the same thing against Apple. Acer has strong presence in some Asian countries and it should use this matter to promote its own tablet. 

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