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Friday, March 11, 2011

Google announces Video ad Formats to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange: Plans big for YouTube

In the last few years, Google made two big acquisions: DoubleClick and YouTube. Both of them were billion dollar acquisitions. While DoubleClick has become a financially successful story the same perhaps cannot be said about YouTube. Well, YouTube is one of the most popular and visited websites in the world. So, Google just needs to use the heavy amount of traffic in a proper way to earn money.
Perhaps, Google has found a good strategy after all in this read. Today, in the official blog, Susan Wojcicki, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Neal Mohan, Vice President, Product Management have announced a new kind of Ad for video:
We’re kicking off year four with another step towards our overall vision: the addition of video ad formats to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. We’re about to start a beta test, allowing Ad Exchange buyers to run in-stream video ads on YouTube using real-time bidding technology. (We’ll eventually extend this capability to include additional video formats and will serve ads on more videos across the web.)
You can find more information here. So, it may bring more revenue from YouTube for Google. Perhaps, with this aim in mind, Google is now hiring more people for YouTube. 

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