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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi Only version priced $399: Answer to iPad?

First of all, it is just a rumor at this moment. Still, a Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFI only for just $399 looks to be a good bargain. It will surely make the tablet device more attractive. It is rumored to be released on April 4 2011. If it really happens then Samsung may be able to start a competition against Apple iPad. Well, this now brings us to the question: will this rumored Galaxy tab with a price tag of $399 be able to compete against iPad 2 or the first version?
To answer to the question, I don’t think that it will be able to offer any strong competition against iPad version 1 or 2. First of all, these days people are crazy for iPad 2. Even the original version costs just $399. By the way, this Samsung will come with 2.2 Android version and is rumored to be released on 4 April 2011. I feel somewhat disappointed because I wished that Samsung would release the device with Honeycomb or Android version 3.0. Well, the only thing that goes for Samsung tablet is that the tablet is available in all the major carriers in USA.
So, we feel that the rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi Only version has a decent chance of competing against Motorola Xoom in the US market. The Korean company should have released this device for $399 in November 2010 instead of April 2011. Then it could have been able to generate much more buzz in the market. Just 4 months could have really make a lot of difference. 

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