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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Future of Intel in Tablet PC Market Looks Bleak

Intel is the market leader when it comes to the processor market of desktop and laptop, but the processor giant is yet to enter into the lucrative tablet PC market. Intel core-I series processors are now leading the laptop and desktop PC market, while its Atom series processors are dominating in the netbook market.

Now, Intel is going to make its bet on the tablet PC market too. No doubt, it is a bit late for Intel to make business in this market, but the most important thing is that its first player in the tablet market, Atom Z670, does not seem to be a very strong competitor for the currently popular Nvidia Tegra 2 and ARM processors in the tablet market.

Intel Z670 CPU is a single core processor running at 1.5GHz and is capable of running two threads and it is priced at $75. In contrast, Nvidia Tegra 2, is a dual-core processor and costs three times less than the Intel Z670 processor. The only good side of the new tablet-centric Intel processor is that it is the most power-saving processor from Atom series at 5W.

However, still the Intel processor seems to be priced too high to make considerable competition with the existing processors in the tablet PC market.

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