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Friday, March 18, 2011

LG G-Slate Tablet Offering 3D Features with Dual Rear Cameras

You perhaps already know that LG is going to release its first tablet PC G-Stale which would come up with some excellent features. A recent video uploaded in Youtube showcases various features of the 8.9-inch device.

The best part of the LG G-Slate tablet is perhaps its 3D capabilities. Alongside a front-facing, the tablet comes up with 2 cameras on the back in order to capture 3D pictures and videos. More than that, users can even transfer their 3D content to TV through HDMI port and enjoy the 3D video on larger TV screen.

You can have a general look on LG G-Slate tablet on the video here:

Another good feature of the device is its Android Honeycomb operating system which is also found in Motorola Xoom. So, it looks G-Slate will come in direct competition with Xoom.

The video also shows the advantages of this latest Android OS which is the first tablet-only OS from Google’s Android platform. First of all, users can navigate through the menus very smoothly and the user interface is excellent too. They can use Google map and easily do zoom in, zoom out and turn it around. Moreover, users can also use driving navigation to reach the place they need to go and it works very well.

Secondly, touch response is very good and the device is capable of handling multi-tasking thanks to its dual-core Tegra 2 processor. Moreover, users can download various apps from Android Market for various tasks.

Data transfer speed would be super fast because LG G-Slate tablet supports HSPA which is the 4G network of T-Mobile USA. No doubt, the 4G capability of the device would help it make good competition with Xoom which would be upgraded to Verizon’s 4G LTE technology very soon. So, users can easily enjoy video chatting, video calling and online streaming etc.

LG G-Slate tablet PC is expected to hit the market on 20th April with T-Mobile as carrier.

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