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Friday, March 18, 2011

Apple says Blaze software test is flawed: Podjarny is ready to conduct the test again

Apple said that the tests conducted by Blaze Software have not been properly performed.

Apple spokesperson, Trudy Muller, said that the Blaze speed testing is “flawed” because they did not test the actual Safari browser on the iPhone but relied on results derived from the “embedded Web viewer in the iPhone which did not take advantage of the recently launched Safari Web performance optimization software.” She also said that there is only an average difference of a second in loading web pages between Android and iOS.

Blaze CTO, Guy Podjarny said that his company conducted the test assuming that Apple would apply the same updates to their embedded browser like their native browser and then it may produce different result. He also said that his company is willing to conduct the test again if Apple applies the “web performance optimization” to its embedded web browser.

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