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Thursday, March 17, 2011

New York Times going under Paywall: Does it Matter?

New York Times is a popular and influential newspaper. Yes, it is read by many people. The website is also very popular as well as the print edition. Now, the newspaper is going under Paywall. First, the Canadian readers will get affected and on 28 March 2011, readers from the whole world will have to be under this system.
The price structure is not that simple as there are several price options and you may need to spend some minutes to understand them from the NYT website.
The Newspaper industry is losing its circulation, revenue and jobs. More and more people are now moving towards Internet for news. So, the decision to go under Paywall is perhaps a desperate move to earn some money.
We are not a big fan of Paywall system for news. It may actually bring more harm to New York Times than any profit in the long run. After all, most websites and blogs are free to read in Internet. So, consumers obviously have some alternatives. 

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