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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kyocera Echo smartphone with dual-screen is coming in April on Sprint

Japan based Kyocera, in collaboration with Sprint, is going to roll out a dual-screen smartphone called Echo. The phone will be exclusively available on Sprint from April 17, 2011 and will cost $200 with a

two-year contract. Interested buyers can place their orders for the phone starting from March 26, 2011. On the launch day, the phone will be available at Sprint stores and online.

Each of the screens measure 3.5 inches. It folds down to a standard sized phone which means it can easily fit into your pocket.

An Android 2.2 based phone, the two screens of Kyocera Echo can act as separate screens running separate operations. When pulled out, the two-screens, latched together, gives impression of a mini-tablet PC.

You can watch YouTube on one screen and browse your email on the other. Check your Facebook status on one screen while text your friend on the other. The operations are seamless. To take advantage of the phone’s dual-screen, Sprint worked with Google and created special apps. For example, you can watch Google Maps and see the expanded video of the map on the other screen.

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