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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apple iPad 2: Backlight Leakage on LCD Display Reported

After the raving success of Apple’s iPad 2 during the first few days of its release, a YouTube video has come out indicating a defect on the device’s LCD display. The video shows backlight leakage on few spots at the bottom edge of the 9.7-inch display.
You can see the video here:

If you closely look at the video then you can see the backlight leakage happens when there are dark colors like blacks are shown on the screen. However, Apple has not revealed anything officially on this regard.
The video was uploaded from the YouTube channel named ‘iamphones’, and it is understood that the person uploaded the video has just bought the iPad 2 and encountered with the problem.
The interesting thing is that iPad 2’s display has so far been praised a lot and its graphics is very good too. Well, still you can not just conclude on the performance of iPad 2 LCD display on the basis of just one complaint. When you are shelling out hundreds of thousands of electronics devices, it is natural that a few devices may have some problems.
What Apple should do here is that it should look into the matter and provide the person with a replacement.
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