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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tokyo Apple Store employees’ heroic deeds during the biggest earthquake

I do not know if Apple had made any donations for the disaster struck people of Japan by the Tokyo Apple store employees made a heroic effort to help the people during the 8.9 magnitude earth quake. An Apple manager, working at the Tokyo Apple store, sent an email describing how the Apple store employees helped people during the earthquake.

The Apple store was open as usual when the earthquake hit Japan. The entire building swayed but Apple employees were calm and they led people from the fifth floor to the first floor where the customers took shelter under strong wooden tables that are used to display Apple products.

The building survived 118 aftershocks following the initial earthquake. The store remain opened till 10 a.m. at night and welcomed people. After the quake, many people got stuck in the Tokyo shopping district. There was not electricity and the mobile networks were down but the Apple store Wi-Fi network was active. Many people used the network to contact with their families and loved ones via Twitter, Facebook, FaceTime and email.

Even after the store was shut down, employees remained outside fixing phones and helping other people.

Last but not least, the store also offered food and shelters to its employees and the best thing was the store had ample supplies of food and drink as Apple filled the refrigerator when the earthquake hit. The store even allowed family members of the employees to stay at the store.

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