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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HP CEO: Cloud Computing is the Future

For the last two years, we have seen several companies announcing that cloud computing would become their main focus. Now, HP CEO Leo Apotheker yesterday said the same thing. He said it during HP Summit 2011.
I was taking a look at his presentation slides and it is clear that in the next one year, HP is going to come out with some products and services related to cloud computing.
HP has one advantage over many of its rivals. The company is good at both hardware and software. It is strong in PC business- desktop and laptop. It is one of the top giants in printer market. HP is also active now in tablet PC market with upcoming tablet device and WebOS platform. So, moving to the cloud can bring benefit for the company.
Of course, moving to the cloud is not that easy. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM all are going for it. HP has to innovate some new technology in this field which is getting crowded. 

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