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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Intel Encourages Notebook Makers to Work on Android Platform

Intel is now encouraging Taiwan-based notebook makers to work on Intel/Android solutions. It looks strange as the processor giant has had a long-standing working relating with Microsoft’s Windows OS in the PC market. Reports also suggest that Intel is going to display a number of devices featuring Intel/Android platform at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum (IDF), scheduled to be held from 12 to 13 April in Beijing.

Well, it seems to be a reaction from Intel for Microsoft’s recent decision to work with Intel’s competitor ARM.

It is pretty much understandable that Intel is now looking to make the Intel/Android platform successful so that the processor maker can put some pressure on Microsoft. In fact, Intel has already asked 6-8 notebook makers from Taiwan to work with Android-based platform.

With Intel looking to build a strong partnership with Google’s Android platform, it does not mean that Intel would stop working with Microsoft. However, what is significant is that there would now be a balance in the PC market as far as process and operating system are concerned.

More than that, it seems a war could grow between Windows/ARM and Intel/Android platforms in the increasingly popular tablet PC market.

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