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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Somewhat a Tough Day for Diet

I ate some Roti, a mixed vegetable curry, one egg fry for lunch and at night I had a light dinner that consisted of cucumber salad and one boiled egg. So, I am now almost back again to eating light food. Tomorrow and next day there will be two parties and I have to eat again very heavy food but this time, I will be careful to eat them in small amount.
This time, I am going to write my daily events because this way, I can get mental strength in future. Unfortunately, in October to December time, I did good diet for two months. After 4 weeks, my health improved a lot and doing diet became very easy. I could easily do water fasting for 48 hours each week. I could almost lost 11 KG in 8 weeks. Because of cold weather, I became afraid of catching cold and I started to eat more and then lost the diet. This time too, at first, it is some difficult and I am hopeful that after 2 weeks, it will be much easier to be on a diet.
Most probably after doing diet for two months, again, I will become some weak and I will need to take a break but I must try my best not to go back to eating heavy unhealthy and junk foods. I am hopeful this time because I don’t crave for fast food, mutton, sweets, coke and coffee. This is a huge improvement for my palate. 

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