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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ate heavy Food for a Day

Yes, I ate some very heavy food today but I did one good thing. First of all, I had a very light dinner last night and then I did not eat anything for the whole day and in dinner tonight, I ate some chicken kebab, tea and coca cola. I ate the kebab with oily Porota. I drank tea because I did not have enough sleep last night. So, today, all the time, I felt sleepy. Since I ate just once today, I don’t feel heavy now. Tomorrow, again, there is a party and I have to eat heavy food but I am going to do the same thing- just eat once.
I have realized that it is a continuous effort and sometimes, things will get out of hand. Well, I am happy for today because yesterday, I felt some bored from eating same kind of food and totally omitting meat. 

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