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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Will it be the season of Cesc Fabregas?

Last year, Barcelona clinched all the titles in Spain, Europe and World. It was the year of Lionel Messi and he was considered to be the greatest footballer of last season. There is no doubt that Messi played superbly and he caught the award of FIFA World Footballer of the year. This year, it is not clear that who will become the top footballer in Europe and in the world. Messi is still playing well and Cristiano Ronaldo now in Real Madrid. Wayne Rooney is in good form in Manchester United. Another player who is doing well is Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal. He is the Arsenal captain and he is like the Maradona of her Arsenal.
Right now, Fabregas is the only top quality player in the team. Arshavin is good but he has been suffering from injury. There is no Robin van Persie for many months. So, whatever Arsenal has achieved, Fabregas has major contribution behind it.
If Arsenal can do the impossible thing and win league title and UEFA champions League trophy both then I am sure that next year Cesc Fabregas will get the award of best footballer of the year. 

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