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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Weight Loss: Hope and Frustration

In the last one week, in stead of decreasing one kilogram weight, I in fact managed to gain one KG. This is bad and the main problem was I became some sick and week and I needed to eat more food. I understood in the last four months that losing weight is a daily battle. It is not that you just weight lose 10 KG and then you can go back to your normality. No, it is not like that. In stead, you have to fight every day. I could manage to lose 10 KG and come to 100 KG but then sometimes my weight is increasing by one or two KG all the time. I find it very bad to see that I can not go beyond 100 KG. I must go to 85 KG to go out the over weight level but it seems a very impossible and difficult work.
However, I have understood that I must continue trying. Good thing is that I am not going back to the bad eating style of the past. Mutton or goat meat was my most favorite and I was fond of fast food like burgher, sandwittch and pizza. I was also fond of biryani and Chinese food. In fact, any outside food which was tasty, if I had the money in my pocket I would not hesitate to eat. As a result, it is taking so much time for me to decrease weight. Although, I have totally stopped eating outside food, soft drinks like Coca Cola, and even any kind of sweet. Still I am finding it very difficult to lose weight and sometimes I get frustrated.
Even if I get frustrated I have understood one thing that it must be a daily battle and I must not get it go out of control. In fact, while losing weight, what you have to remember is that when frustration comes or you are trying for many days but still you are not getting the result, that is the most challenging time. If we just continue trying then very soon you will get the result. Now, I know that if I continue trying then in the next one year I will definitely lose some weight.

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