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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Will it be the season of Nicklas Bendtner?

Last Saturday, Nicklas Bendtner scored a goal for Arsenal in a Premier League match against Sunderland. This goal helps Arsenal a lot and because of that win, the Gunners are still in the title race. Many fans were delighted with the performance of Nicklas Bendtner in the last few days. He was injured for nearly three months and missed a good number of matches in this season. Many fans and media people called on Arsene Wenger to get another striker because Arsenal top striker Rob Van Persie has been also injured for long time and he will be out of action for the rest of the season. However, Arsene Wenger felt that Bendtner is a top quality player and he put his faith on him.
Now, Bendtner has come back and he looks fresh and impressive. He has played in the last few matches and in all of them he could encourage his team mates. Because of the return of Bendtner, Arsenal has now one good point. In the penalty box of the opposition team, they have a height advantage as Bendtner is a very tall player.
Nicklas Bendtner is hopping that this will be his season. He has become matured and he has been sometimes in London clubs. He believes that he will try his best and give good response to the faith shown on him by Arsene Wenger. Many fans have also the same feeling that it will be the season of Nicklas Bendtner. 

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