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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don’t Enter Pressure on Your Mind

In modern life, we are all the time running and often we find it very difficult to take any break. I tried to take a break of two weeks and from today, I hope come back to some normal work. No, I am not yet normal and I know that it will take another few weeks or even months to get back to full time working ability. What I have learnt is that you must not try to push yourself when you are weak.
When your health is weak then you should try to take some times off and take a break. If you have some pressing business then try to finish them and then take your break. For example, I am a full time professional blogger and my livelihood depends on it. However, for the last seventh months, things were out of control and I suffered a lot. I had to wait until the blogs reach to a level that if I take off for a month or two then it will not be a big problem. I have realized that even taking two weeks off helped.
Now, my main focus is not to enter any pressure on my health and mind. I will just try to gradually get back to work. Entering pressure makes thing worst only. 

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