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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The economy of Greece must not fail

Greece is suffering perhaps its worst economic problem for quite sometime. There is the impact of global recession and at the same time, the economy of Greece has its own problems. You can criticize the Greek government for its bad handling of the economy but at the same time you have to agree with me that it is not the time for debating over who is to blame for the current crisis. It is the time for saving the people of the country.
The other members of European Union should come forward to help Greek economy. England, France and Germany should come up with generous aid packages for their poor neighbor. I like to mention here that England, France and Germany provide a lot of foreign aid to many countries in Asia and Africa. Sweden and Denmark also provide a lot of foreign aid. The same can be said about Norway. These six countries can easily open up their hands a bit and help the Greek government to come out of the crisis.
In modern time, it will be very tragic to see the fall of an economy of a country.

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