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Friday, May 15, 2009

Manchester United to Have Victory Parade if they Defend Champions League Title

Manchester United players will be allowed to get a victory parade through Manchester City if they can win Champions League final against Barcelona in Rome on 27 May 2009. Last year, Manchester United players were denied to have a victory parade after their triumph in Moscow final where they defeated Chelsea in penalty shoot out. However, this will not be the case this year as Manchester City Council have agreed to allow Manchester United players to get victory parade through the city if they can successfully defend their title in Europe in Rome’s final.

Having a victory parade may be something emotional for the players, but it is also very important from business perspective. First of all, during a victory parade lots of flowers and festoons are sold and it contributes to the local economy. Moreover, the sales of club memorabilia also get increased, and thus, the club can also make some quick cash in. Moreover, the local television channel can also telecast the parade and can make some profit through television advertising. For example, if Manchester United can win the Champions league on 27 May, then MUTV (Manchester United Television) could show the parade live for the Manchester United fans.

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