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Monday, June 16, 2008

France vs Italy Preview and Live Score: Euro 2008

If you want to get the online live score and updates of the France vs Italy and Netherlands vs Romania matches of Euro 2008, then visit the following two links:

Netherlands vs Romania Live Score and Updates

France vs Italy Live Score and Updates

and Italy are going to play against each other tomorrow (on 17 June 2008) at Letzigrund, Zurich. You know that two years back France and Italy faced each other in the final match of 2006 FIFA World Cup where Italy defeated France to lift the world cup for the fourth time. Two years back, the two sides stood up against each other to achieve the most prestigious title of the football world. Now, two years later, France and Italy are facing each other again, but this time looking for the group stage survival looking to avoid a seemingly humiliation in Euro 2008.

Match: France vs Italy, Group C, Euro 2008

Date: 17 June 2008, Tuesday

Venue: Letzigrund, Zurich in Switzerland

The match is very important for both the sides as they are in a stiff competition with Romania to win the runner up spot of the group C. In another match Romania will also take on Netherlands, who has already confirmed a place in the quarter final as a group champion. Both Italy and France have two points each to their credit, while Romania stands in the second place with 2 points at this moment in Group C point table.

The fate of Italy, France and Romania lie in the result of the two important matches tomorrow. A victory for Romania over the Dutch side will make the France vs Italy match less important because the result of the match will have no impact on the group standing and Romania will for sure join Netherlands in the quarter final of Euro 2008. As it is expected that Holland will rest some of its regular players against Romania, it seems that Romania has a good chance to record a victory tomorrow. In that case, a victory for Italy or France will be meaningless.

However, if Romania loses or draws with Netherlands, then both Italy and France have a good chance to get into the quarter final of the tournament. With Romania losing to and drawing with Netherlands, the winner of the France vs Italy match will reach the last eight of Euro 2008. If Romania draws and France vs Italy match also ends in a draw, Romania will secure the quarter final spot from the group. However, Italy has an edge over France and Romania in winning a quarter final spot in one sense.

If Romania loses and France vs Italy match ends up in a score draw, Italy will be through the last eight because they will have scored more goals than Romania and Italy in the matches involving the three sides. So, in this case, Italy can even reach the quarter final with a draw against France. However, if France vs Italy match ends in a goal less draw, and Romania loses to Netherlands by 1-0 or 2-0 or by a three goal margin (but not 3-0), then Romania will reach the quarter final. However, if Romania loses by a four or more goal margin, then Italy can go through even with a goalless draw. A 3-0 defeat for Romania, and a goal less draw in the France vs Italy match will take Italy to the last eight with a better UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying co-efficient (points achieved divided by the number of matches played).

For France, there is only one way to reach the next round. They have to win over Italy and hope that Romania does not win over Netherlands. So, you can see that the fate of France and Italy largely depends on the result of the match between Netherlands and Romania.

France vs Italy: Head to Head and Recent Form

France and Italy faced each other on ten occasions in which France has better success with five wins against three victories for Italy. Both the clubs were drawn in the same group of Euro 2008 qualifying round, where France won the first leg by 3-1, while the second leg finished goalless.

However, Italy seems to be more impressive when it comes to recent form. Italy won four out of their last seven matches against two defeats and a draw. France won three of their last seven matches against two defeats and two draws. However, I do not think the recent form of the two sides will have anything to do with tomorrow’s match.

French and Italian Media Worried about Netherlands

There is a rumor and suspect in the French and Italian media regarding Netherlands’s approach to their match against Romania. It has been reported that the Dutch side might lose the game deliberately by which the chances of both France and Italy to get into the quarter final will be put off and Romania will go through the last eight. However, French coach Raymond Domenec is not worried about it:

Reuters reported:

"We have put ourselves in that situation and only have ourselves to blame for it," said France coach Raymond Domenech. "We should not worry about the Dutch, nor should they worry about us."

Gianluigi Buffon Confident ahead of France Encounter

Buffon is one of the best goal keepers currently available in the world. The Italian keeper recently said that Italy needed to focus on their own game and would not start doing calculation regarding the chances among the three teams of Group C. The goal keeper is eagerly waiting for the match.

Telegraph reported:

"We have to go out there and play the match of our lives," Gianluigi Buffon, the Italian goalkeeper, said yesterday.

"If we get to the quarters it will mean we will have come up with a little extra,"

"It's normal to feel the pressure and I am dying to get out there and play. A double-or-quits match is what our work is all about."

"We just have to focus on France," Buffon said. "We cannot start doing maths."

"We reacted from the opening 3-0 loss to Holland in our game against Romania, and we will have to wait and see if France have recovered from their hammer-blow result against Holland."

Thierry Henry vs Luca Toni: France vs Italy

The two strikers of the two sides might be crucial in the match. Luca Toni is a very good striker and is currently the number of choice for Italy’s front man. Thierry Henry may not be at his best at this moment, but it is true that following the retirement of Zinedine Zidane, Henry has become one of the main strength of France’s attacking line up. He is now more experienced and can produce goal in the crucial moments. So, I think, Luca Toni and Thierry Henry are very important for their respective teams in the match.

Raymond Domenech and Roberto Donadoni Feeling the Pressure

The two coaches are facing a possible sack if they fail to lead their side to the quarter final of Euro 2008. It is for sure that either France or Italy will be eliminated from group stage. So, either Domenech or Donadoni might find them fired from their job following the elimination of their teams. So, the match puts both the coaches under huge pressure at this moment. Now, let us see if Italian and French players can come forward to rescue their coaches by reaching the quarter final of the tournament.

France vs Italy: Online Live Score and Updates

I have already mentioned that how much important the match is. So, I think, football fans are eagerly waiting for the match. They are excited to get to see another France vs Italy dual in another major football tournament. I guess that you are already planning to watch the match on television, but still, some of you might be able to watch it on television due to your personal or professional works. That is why, here I am giving some links of online live score websites from where you can get the online live score and updates of the match:

Live Score
Euro 2008
Sky Sports
Live Score.cz

It is always difficult to pick up a favorite when two teams like France and Italy face each other. Neither side appeared with this prime form in Euro 2008, but still, it is expected that both sides will try their best to win the match in order to avoid a humiliating elimination from the group stage. That is what might inspire France and Italy to show their best in the match. So, I think, football fans are going to experience another exciting and eventful match tomorrow at Letzigrund, Zurich.

Who do you think is going to join Netherlands in the quarter final of Euro 2008 tournament?


  1. Very well written. Just the answer I was looking.Was wondering why there won't be a penalty shootout between France and Italy while there is one for the Czech Republic and Turkey. You've answered half of my question. Now if you could help why penalty if Czech and Turkey drew? Thanks

  2. Dhruv3:29 AM

    Uncle Lee,

    Group A played out differently than Group C, hence a penalty shootout. The criteria for teams to qualify if they have the same number of points after match day 3 are in the following order:

    1) head to head match up
    if the 2 teams stuck on same points played out a draw in their head to head then we move on to the 2nd criteria
    2) goal difference
    if the 2 teams in question have the same GD
    3) out of the teams who scored more goals
    if there is still a deadlock then we go to penalties after 90 minutes

    In case to Turkey vs Czech if they played out a draw the 2 teams would have been equal on all counts and hence the possibility of penalties.

    For tonight's group C, there is a possibility that 2 teams end up with the same points. If this should happen there is 1 scenario where Romania and Italy could end up with equal GD, which is if a 3-0 defeat for Romania, and a goal less draw in the France vs Italy match.
    Then since the 2 teams who are equal on all criteria are not playing against each other the options of penalty does not arise as Romania and Italy are in 2 different cities. The tournament then adopts a qualifying co-efficient (points achieved divided by the number of matches played). In this case Italy will go through.

  3. Dhruv3:31 AM

    sorry, i did not make it clear, point 3 is that if GD is the same the next criterion is which team scored more goals, if that is also equal then we move on to penalties.