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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Euro 2008: Netherlands vs Romania Live Score and Updates

Netherlands (2) vs Romania (0)

90 minutes (3 minutes of stoppage time): Netherlands has won the match by 2-0. So, Romania got out from group stage of Euro 2008. Italy has entered into the quarter final.

90 minutes: 3 minutes of stoppage time declared

89 minutes: Netherlands got another chance, but nothing happened this time

87 minutes: Netherlands got the second goal thanks to van Persie. Netherlands is leading by 2-0 in the match

86 minutes: Romania is trying their best to get a goal

84 minutes: Some scary moments for Netherlands. Mutu missed a good chance there

82 minutes: van Persie missed two good chances for Netherlands in the last couple of minutes.

80 minutes: Netherlands's Affelay is slightly injured

77 minutes: Netherlands attacked, but Romanian defense was better

74 minutes: Netherlands had an attack, but nothing happened in the end as Romanian defense was up to the mark

72 minutes: Codria out, Dica comes in for Romania

70 minutes: Romania is attacking more looking for the equalizer

67 minutes: Romania attacked, but Daniel Nicuali was offside

65 minutes: Romania has a free kick, but well-protected by the Dutch defense

63 minutes: Italy is leading by 2-0 against France in the other match. So, Romania has to win the match to get into the quarter final.

60 minutes: Dirk Kyut comes in, Arjen Robben goes out. Romania also made double change couple of minutes back.

58 minutes: Boularouz of Netherlands took a very close shot at goal, but it went just out of the bar

54 minutes: Huntuleear scored for Netherlands. The Dutch side is leading by 1-0 now.

52 minutes: Netherlands got another chance, but Romanian goal keeper easily blocked it

50 minutes: Netherlands got the first clear chance in the second half, but Romania goal keeper blocked it for corner

48 minutes: Romania got a free kick, but poorly taken by Mutu

46 minutes: The second half of the match has started.

We will come back again to take you through the second half of the match when the match resumes.

In the other match between France and Italy, Italy is leading by 1-0 and France is playing with ten men as one of their player was sent off.

45 minutes: First half finished goal less, but both sides created some clear chances.

44 minutes: Romania lost their best chance in the match as the ball was sent over the goal bar.

42 minutes: Romania had couple of attacks in the last couple of minutes.

40 minutes: Romania got a good chance, but could not finish well. Both sides are playing attacking and counter-attacking football

37 minutes: What a miss by Arjen Robben? How did he miss it, after getting the goal keeper alone in the net? Netherlands is really unlucky.

33 minutes: Netherlands missed perhaps their best chance in the match as the ball went over the bar.

30 minutes: Romania is unlucky. Adrian Mutu shot went just out of the side bar. Netherlands has 67 percent ball possession in the match, while Romania has 33 percent. Italy is leading against France by 1 goal in another match.

27 minutes: Netherlands got another chance, but the pass from the right side did not find any Dutch player in the box. Then in another attempt, Van Persie header went off the goal bar

24 minutes: Romania got a very good chance, but unfortunately there was no player to tap in to send the ball in to the empty net.

23 minutes: Netherlands had another attack, but nothing happened. Then Romania also attacked.

20 minutes: Netherlands got a free kick, but poorly taken

19 minutes: Romania’s attacks are being easily blocked by the Dutch defense. Van Persie had a good chance but he failed to shot at target

15 Minutes: A second-string Netherlands side does not look as impressive as they were in the last two matches.

12 minutes: Romania is attacking but Dutch defense looks strong enough to resist

10 Minutes: Both sides are looking to build attacks now.

7 minutes: Neither team is dominating in the match so far.

5 minutes: Romania’s Nicolai took a good attempt, but his back-voley went off target

3 minutes: Netherlands had an attack, but nothing happened in the end.

0 Minute: The match has started just now.

Players are singing the national anthem now. The match will start within few minutes.

Netherlands vs Romania match will kick off at 19:45 BST. Here in this entry, you will get live score and updates of the match with live text commentary. So, be with us and enjoy live score and updates of the match. After the match kicks off, you will just need to refresh the match after every few minutes in order to get the updated score of the match.

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