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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Euro 2008: France vs Italy Live Score and Updates

Final score: Italy has won the match by 2-0

Italy (2)----- France (0)

90 minutes: 3 minutes of added time to be played.

87 minutes: IN other match, Netherlands is now leading by 2-0. So, Italy is assured of a quarterinal place.

85 minutes: Italy got a corner

82 minutes: Change of player for Italy.

80 minutes: Italy is now looking for the third goal.

77 minutes: Italy on attack again.

74 minutes: What a save from Italy goalkeeper? France has a corner now

72 minutes: Italy has a corner now

68 minutes: In the other match, Netherlands is still leading Romania by 1-0

65 minutes: France has a freekick. Change of player for Fracne. ANelka has come in place Govou.

62 minutes: Italy has a freekick from dangerous position. Italy has scored the second goal.

60 minbutes: France is playing a bit better now. Italy on attack but the cross was bad

56 minutes: Good news for Italy fans. Netherlands has scored the first goal against Romania and it's Netherlands (1)-- Romania (0)

54 minutes: France is trying for a goal. There is no goal in the other match between Holland and Romania. This is good news for Italy

50 minutes: France missed one of teh easiest chances they had. Bad luck for France

47 minutes: Sidney Govou of France shown yellow card for a fowl

46 minutes: Second half has started and France has the first attack.

Second half will start now. Dont go anywhere.

Come back within a few minutes for second half updates

First half finsihed. Italy is leading by 1-0. In the other match oif group C, it is 0-0 between Romania and netherland.

45 minutes: a free kick for France; Italian goal keeper easily caught the ball.

43 minutes: Italy has a free kick. Italy almost scored but the French goal keeper could manage.

42 minutes: France was trying to attack but Italy defenders were better

40 minutes: Italy attacked but Offside.

37 minutes: France has a free kick.

34 minutes: henry came close for France but not enough

31 minutes: France attacked but Italy defense was superb

28 minutes: Italy came close to a goal but the shot was too wide. Italy on attack again.

25 minutes: Italy has scored the first goal through penalty. Italy is leading by 1-0

24 minutes: Italy has a penalty and France number 3 is sent off with red card. France is playing with 10 men now.

23 minutes: France attacked. IN the other match between Netehralands and Romania- there is no goal either.

20 minutes: Free kick for France

17 minutes: Italy has a freekick and Evra of France shown yellow card

14 minutes: France attacked but Italian goalkeeper had no problem to catch the ball.

11 minutes: Italy again came closing to score. French goalkeeper produced a superb save

9 minutes: A French player is injured and going out of the field. He is Ribery and first change of player for France. Nasri has come in teh field.

6 minutes: Good attack from France but bad finishing

4 minutes: Italy got the easiest chance of the match from Gallas mistake but Italy number 9 failed an easy chance

2 minutes: Good attack from France and France has a corner.

0 minute: The match has started and Italy had the first attack. be with us for live score

The players are singing national anthems.

The match will start witnin a few minutes.

In this post we will be giving live score and updates of France vs Italy match with live text commentary. The match will begin at 19:45 BST (British Standard Time). So, if you are interested to enjoy the live text commentary and live score of this high profile match, then be our guest in this entry. When the match starts, you will just need to refresh the match after every few minutes in order to get the updated score of the match.

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