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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chelsea vs Manchester United: The Rush for Ticket

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Chelsea vs Manchester United Champions League: Live Score and Update

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You know that Chelsea is going to play against Manchester United in the final of UEFA Champions League 2008. This match is going to take place at Moscow on 21 May and the kick off time is 10:45 pm Moscow local time. This match will take place late at night to ensure that maximum people can watch across Europe at prime time. I am sure that millions of people will watch the match from different parts of the world. This match will be very attractive to the Asian viewers too as Asia has many fans of Manchester United and Chelsea.

Since two England clubs are playing in the final of this tournament, English fans are now trying to find every information possible about the tickets for this match. In fact, they are interested about two kinds of tickets. The first is the actual ticket of the ticket. I still could not find any information about the actual price of the ticket of the final match but you can be sure that many tickets will be sold in the black market and the price will be increased many times. In fact, some websites are offering the ticket and the price of one VIP ticket is around $10,000 which is like a fortune even for many British people. England is a rich country but the price of a ticket for Chelsea vs Manchester United will be out of the reach of many football fans. However, still, many fans are desperate and they are searching for tickets in every way possible. In England, football tickets can not be sold in internet but the tickets of Champions League final match are sold online from other countries. America may not be a football power in the world but some American websitesa re offering tickets of the match.

IHT reported:

But as hotel prices soared beyond the means of the common fan and U.S. agencies offered match tickets on their Web sites for as much as $10,000 each, the only thing that was clear Thursday was that this encounter in Moscow represented an unprecedented test of security, organization and travel.

The second kind of ticket that the football fans of England are thinking about is aero plane ticket. More than 40,000 football fans are expected to come to Moscow and I think that the number may become in the end 50,000- 60,000. So, finding an aero plane ticket will also become a difficult matter. From now, thousands of English football fans are contracting their travel agents to find aero plane ticket. It will be a nightmare for many travel agencies to take the load of increasing demand for London to Moscow flight.

I think that the third kind of ticket that English football fans will have to be worried is finding accommodation in Moscow. As you know that the match will start at 10:45 pm Moscow time and it will finish after midnight. So, all the football fans will have to come back to their hotel room. This is a good thing for hotel owners of Moscow. They can get some good number of people and I am sure that the rate of seats in Moscow hotel will increase during that time. So, it is going to be a nightmare for many football fans, but since they are crazy football and their favorite teams have qualified for the final of Champions League 2008. Therefore, it will be worth the travel for many football fans. If you know any information about ticket of Chelsea vs Manchester United UEFA Champions League 2008 final match then leave information at the comment section.


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