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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Barcelona vs Manchester United Champions League: Live on Sky Sports

If you are interested to know the live score and updates of the Barcelona vs Manchester United Champions League first leg semi final match, then visit the following link:

Barcelona vs Manchester United: Live Score and Updates

The first leg of the first semi final match of Champions League 2007-2008 between Liverpool and Chelsea has finished a few hours ago. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, meaning Chelsea enjoying the away goal advantage when they take on Liverpool in the second leg match at Stamford Bridge tonight. The match will kick off at 19:45 GMT.

Now, the first leg of the second semi final match of Champions League 2007-2008 is coming up. Barcelona and Manchester United are going to face each other in a crucial match at the Camp Nou stadium of Barcelona. So, Barcelona would have the home advantage in the match. Both Manchester United and Barcelona are considered to be tow of the most popular and successful clubs of Europe. Fans of both sides are now in a celebrating mode with the match.

Barcelona is not at their best so far this season, even though they could reach the last four of the tournament. Barcelona is currently third in La Liga point table with 11 points behind the league leader Real Madrid. They could not bring out any success in Copa del Rey as well. So, Champions League is now the only tournament they can win a title. On the other hand, Manchester United has been in good form this season, if not best. It is true that they failed to impress in both League Cup and Carling Cup. However, Manchester United is now at their way to defend the English Premier League title this season with requiring maximum 7 points from the three games this season. Manchester United is leading the league points table with 81 points, three points clear off Chelsea. So, the Red Devils have the opportunity to win double this season.

Barcelona and Manchester United include a number of star players who capable of leading respective teams to victory by their own. Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez are the key players for Manchester United, while the host sides include Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry, Samuel Eto’o, who are enough to pose a threat for any football side in the world. So, you can see that hardly anyone could afford to miss the match.

I guess, you have already starting to manage your time to watch the match on television channel. Today, I searched some about television channel which will telecast the match live for their viewers. While searching, I came across Sky Sports website, and according to that website, Sky Sports 2 will telecast the Barcelona vs Manchester United match live for the viewers. It is definitely good news for the football loving fans who are going to enjoy the match on television.

Sky Sports is one of the most popular sports television channel in Europe. Much of its viewers are in UK and Ireland. They channel has been telecasting the football matches for a long time. It has now been a major player in the Europe.

So, for those who think it a match wroth to watch, should not forge to tune on Sky Sports 2 television channel. Considering the strength of the two sides, I think, the match is going to be a classic one with the participation of a number of star footballers. So, let us see if you can afford to miss the match, in stead of enjoying the match on Sky Sports 2 television channel.

Well, dear readers, I am not yet confirmed if the football fans outside Europe can enjoy the match on Sky Sports 2 television channel. If I find the television channels of other regions where you can watch the match live, I will share with you.

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