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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Manchester United vs Barcelona: Online Live Score and Updates

If you want to get the live score and updates of Champions league final 2009 between Barcelona and Manchester United, then visit the following link:

Barcelona vs Manchester United UEFA Champions League 2009 Final Live Updates

Final Score: Manchester United has won the match by 1-0 and has gone in the final of Champions League 2008.

Manchester United (1)----- Barcelona (0)

96 minutes: Man Utd has won the match by 1-0

94 minutes: Man utd has a freekick. May be the last minute of the match

93 minutes: Barcelona trying in dying seconds

90 minutes: 90 minutes have finsihed. Now, I think 3 minutes of added time. Barcelona supporters look very sad now.

88 minutes: CHange of player for Barcelona at this moment?

85 minutes: Man Urd on atack.

83 minutes: Time is running out for Barca

81 minutes: Lovely run from Ronaldo. His show was wide in the end

78 minutes: COrner for Barcelona. Lovely header from Henry but collected well by Man Utd goalkeeper

75 minutes: Messi again threatened but well blocked by Carrick this time. Now, Man Utd on attack.

72 minutes: Good attack from barcelona. Barca is putting pressure on Utd for a goal

70 minutes: Yellow card shown to Yaya Toure of Barcelona

68 minutes: Messi looked dangerous for a momnet but well cleared by Man Utd defense

66 minutes: Freekick for Barcelona

64 minutes: Scary moments for Barca defense and they somehow survived

62 minutes: Carrick of Man Utd shown yellow card for a challenge on Massia. Freekick for Barcelona from dangerous position. The freekick took a deflection and corner.

60 minutes: Henry comes in the field for Barca.

59 minutes: Corner for Barcelona. Now, counter attack from Man Utd. Nani got a very easy chance and he got Barca goalkeeper alone but his shot was too high too wide.

57 minutes: Man Utd almost scored the second goal. Good luck for Barcelona.

56 minutes. good run from Messi.

54 minutes: ANOther attack for Manchester United.

52 minutes: Manchester United has a freekick. Again a corner. Good pass from Ronaldo but Nani's shot blocked.

50 minutes: Freekick for Man Utd. and now corner

48 minutes: barcelona has a corner but very poorly taken. Easily cleared by Man U

46 minutes: Second half has started. be with us for live updates.

Scond half will start within a few seconds.

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45 minutes: First half has finished. COme back within a few minuites for second half action.

43 minutes: ANOther good attack from barcelona. Messi is looking dangerous. barcelona has a freekick now. taken well but not a good head in the end.

40 minutes: Great cross from Park but Manchester United could not get a goal.

38 minutes: Bets spell of the match for Barcelona. They had 3 good opportunities in the last 8 minutes

36 minutes: Another good attack for Barcelona. Deco shot was very close but was a bit wide. Bad luck for Barcelona

34 minutes: Lovely attack and shot from Deco of Barcelona but was a bit too high and did not put Man Utd goalkeeper under any danger

32 minutes: First attack and counter attack from Barcelona. Barceloan got a freekikc

30 minutes: ANother corner for Man Utd but good punch from Barcelona goalkeeper

28 minutes: barcelona was very lucky not to have suffered the second goal.

26 minutes: barcelona on attack. Man UTd is playing much better at the moment.

23 minutes: Manchester United has first corner of the match.

21 MInutes: Lovely pass from Ronaldo and good shot from Park but was a bit wide. bad luck for Man UTD. They should have taken 2-0 lead.

19 minutes: Lovely run from Messi. He al;most scored a goal but Man Utd goalkeeper was upto the mark and came up with a superb save

17 minutes: Man UTd is now totally dominating. They just got a freekick and somehow saved by Barca defense

15 minutes: WHat a GOAL by Scholes. Perhaps one of the best goal of CHampions League this season. Manchester United is now leading by 1-0. Scholes scored the goal with a long range goal.

13 minutes: Manchester United attacked but the ball was easily collected by Barca goalkeeper

10 minutes: Lovely run from Messi and Barcelona attacked.

7 minutes: Man Utd oin attack but not good finishing

4 minutes: barcelona again on attack but this time blocked by Man UTD defense.

2 minute: barcelona has another freekick but not from dangerous position this time.

0 minute: The match has started. Barcelona had teh first attacked and Barcelona has a freekick from dangerous position.

The match will start wihin a few minutes. Be here with us and read some old entries of this blog

The much awaited semi final match between Manchester United and Barcelona is going to start after few minutes. The match kicks off 19:45 BST. Here, in this post entry we will be giving live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, if you do not have any score to enjoy the match on television, then be with us to know who are going to play the final of Champions League 2007-08. What you need to do is to refresh the page after every few minutes for the updated score.


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