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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Alex Ferguson Denied Setting Any Timetable for Retirement

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has denied setting a timetable for his retirement from coaching Manchester United. However, some British newspapers earlier reported Ferguson will quit the job after three years. Actually, Ferguson was sounded less confirmed when he talked to the reporters regarding his retirement timeline. He said that it could be two or three more years, who knows? However, that created huge confusion regarding his retirement timetable.

Canadian Press reported:

"I'm not putting a time limit on it - it's impossible," Ferguson said. "You never know what happens in life."

"I'm getting beyond the future now," he said. "I still have a lot of passion. I'm still happy. But I'm 66 now - maybe three years more, then I'll finish."

Ferguson sounded less sure when talking to British reporters on Friday.

"If your health is good and you're enjoying the job, two or three years, who knows?" Ferguson said. "It's difficult to pigeonhole myself."

Ferguson might coach a combined Britain side in 2012 London Olympics. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. Ferguson also indicated that winning trophies would be a deciding factor on retirement. He also hinted the name of his assistant manager Carlos Queiroz as the next man in the line to take the place.

Anyway, Alex Ferguson is one of the most decorated managers of English football with 20 trophies in 20 seasons. Earlier, he set 2001-2002 season as his last with Manchester United, but moved from his decision later on seeing his side’s lackluster performance. Then, Manchester United bounced back with winning the 2003 premier league trophy. Manchester United is still one of the most successful English clubs in the history and no doubt, Ferguson has already won the tag of being a great not only of Manchester United but also of English football.

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