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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Manchester United Removed a Fun-making Banner ahead of the Derby Clash

Manchester United has removed a banner that makes fun of Manchester City ahead of the mouth watering clash with Manchester City on next weekend. Actually, Manchester United officials want to ensure that their remembrance of the Munich victims on the 50th anniversary of the disaster goes undisturbed. The club officials prompted to remove the banners on the demand of some fans. The banner shows “32 years” indicating the number of years Manchester City has been without a trophy. The number is increased by one after every season as Manchester City has been going without a trophy for a long time.

Manchester United has commemorated the victims of Munich Tragedy on its 50th anniversary on 6 February at Old Trafford with the presence of thousands of fans and former players, officials, survivors of the disasters and the family members and friends of the victims. The accident took lives of 23 people including eight players.

Manchester United will honor the 23 victims with a minute of silence and players will be lining up in old-fashioned jersey devoid of names of sponsors. So, the club officials are reluctant to spark the agitation of 3,000 fans of Manchester City.

Guardian reported:

The overriding concern of officials at Old Trafford is that City's supporters should not disrupt the minute's silence and as a gesture of goodwill United decided to remove the banner until the FA Cup tie against Arsenal on February 16. "The fans who have contacted us don't think this banner is appropriate," said a spokesman. "They have asked us to replace it for this one match and the club is happy to help."

The pre-programmed one minute of silence before the England’s friendly match against Switzerland was reduced to 27 seconds by the organizers as a handful of fans were trying to create noise. So, fear remains over the Sunday’s match when a silence will be observed to honor the victims of the Munich disaster. I think that all fans should respect the victims of the air crash and it is the responsibility of all fans to pay their tribute in an impeccable way. I give my thanks to the Manchester United officials for removing the banners.

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