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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

AS Roma vs Real Madrid Live Score

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AS Roma (2)-- Real Madrid (1)

FInal score: Roma has won the match by 2-1

80 MInutes: NO change in score line. Roma is leading 2-1.

70 MInutes: just 20 minutes left. Can Real pull back?

65 MInutes: Roma is still leading by 2-1

61 Minutes: Roma has scored the second goal and now leading by 2-1. A.F.A. Mancin has scored the second goal for Roma in the 58th minute.

55 MInutes: No change in score line yet. still 1-1

48 MInutes: The score is still 1-1

Second half is starting now. be with us for live score.

Half time. The score is 1-1. Come back within a few minutes to get secnd half score.

41 Minutes: Daniele De Rossi of Roma shown yellow card

35 MInuutes: Real is playing some better. Real's players are now trying a lot to take the lead again.

31 MInutes: The score is still 1-1

24 MInutes: Goal for ROma and Roma has equalized. D. Pizarro is the man and the score is now 1-1

20 MInutes: real Madrid is still leading by 1-0

19 Minutes: Appeal for penalty from Real Madrid players but the refree not interested.

13 Minutes: Real Madrid is leading by 1-0

8 MInute: Real Madrid scored and Raul is the hero for them. So, Real is leading by 1-0

3 MInutes: The score is 0-0

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We will be giving live score of the match between AS Roma vs Real Madrid. The match will start within a few minutes. We will give just the score after every few minutes.

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