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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Liverpool vs Inter Milan Live Score

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Inter Milan vs Liverpool: Live Score and Live Updates

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Liverpool (2)--- Inter (0)

Final score: LIverpool has won the match by 2-0

90 MInutes: Second goal for LIverpool LIverpool is leading 2-0. Steven Gerad is the hero.

85 MInutes: Liverpool has scored at last the first goal. The fans waited and waited for 85 minutes.

81 MInutes: Corner for LIverpool.

75 Minutes: Time is running out for LIverpool. Just 15 minutes remaining.

71 MInutes: Good attack from LIverpool but no goal.

67 MInutes: Corner for Inter Milan

65 Minutes: LIverpool is pllaying so better but no goal yet.

61 MInutes: Bad luck for Liverpool. They should have got a penalty which refree did not give. LIverpool has 73% ball possession in the second half so far.

58 MInutes: How could Torrest miss that? He found the goalkeeper alone and could not score. LIverpool has 2 corners.

56 MInutes: Freekick for LIverpool

53 Minutes: Another corner for LIverpool.

50 MInutes: Lovely attack from LIverpool and liverpool has a corner.

47 MInutes: Good attack from Inter. Good freekick and Inter was unlucky not to have scored.

Second half is starting now. So, be with us for live score.

First half has finished and the score is goalless.

45 Minutes: Liverpool missed best chance. Lovely run from Gerad but in the end his cross was intercepted by Inter Milan player.

40 Minutes: Shot of Babel too high. Bad luck for LIverpool.

38 MInutes: Freekick for Intermillan.

34 MInutes: Freekick for Inter Millan

31 MInutes: Inter Millan is now 10 men. Materazi is shown read card.

28 MInutes: Liverpool attacked but this time not so good.

24 MInutes: Inter Millan is playing some better now. Two attacks in two minutes from them but they could not even make Liverpool goalkeeper to make any save.

21 MInutes: Rare attack from Inter Millan.

17 Minutes: If you are a liverpool fan then you should really be happy. Liverpool is attacking all the time.

14 Minutes: One Inter player shown yellow card and Liverpool has a freekick from dangerous area

11 Minutes: Corner for Liverpool and then counter attack from Inter

8 MInutes: Liverpool is again on attack. LIverpool is playing very well today.

5 MInutes: Yellow card shown to Inter Milan player and freekick for liverpool

4 MInutes: Corner for LIverpool and LIverpool players and fans appealed for a penalty from handball but got nothing.

3 Minutes: Inter Milan tried to attack but blocked by Liverpool defense.

The match has started and Liverpool is in attack.

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The match will start now. We will give live score in this blog. So, be our guest and stay here.

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