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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reading vs Manchester United: Live Score and Live Updates

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The match has finished. Manchester United won by 2-0

Reading (0)-- Manchester United (2)

93 MInutes: Ronaldo had his goal at last.
89 MInutes: Real bad luck for Reading. Shot of Harper was just wide.
87 MInutes: ronaldo missed another easy chance despite finding the Reading goalkeeper alone.
83 MInutes: Corner for Reading
80 MInutes: Change of player for Reading.
77 Minutes: Rooney scored a goal at last.
75 MInutes: Just 15 minutes left.
70 MInutes: Change of player for Man Utd Nani comes in.
67 Minutes: Reading missed an easy chance. Bad luck for them/.
63 MInutes: Freekick for Reading
60 Minutes: Powerful strike by Rooney but too wide.
57 Minutes: Ronaldo missed a chance from close range
52 Minutes: Manchester United is trying for a goal.
48 MInutes: A miracle save for Reading.
45 MInutes: first half finished. COme back after few minutes for second half action.
44 MInutes: NO goal so far.
38 MInutes: Good attack from Manchester United good clearance from Reading defense.
33 MInutes: Corner for Reading
24 Minutes: Freekick and corner for Reading.
20 MInutes: Roonie is off side.
17 Minutes: The match is exciting with full of attcks and counter attacks.

15 MInutes: ROnaldo has shot 3 times so far and 3 off target.

12 Minutes: Another good attack from Reading.

9 MInutes: reading almost scored a goal.

8 Minutes: Freekick for Reading.

5 Minutes: Tevez is offside.

1 MInute: Impressive attack from Manchester United and Ronaldo had a good shot that was jut wide.

The match has started now

Well, I am giving live score to the other match too (Fulham vs Arsenal). So, I will just give you the updates after every 10 minutes of this match. Sorry, for this matter.

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