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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fulham vs Arsenal: Live Score and Live Updates

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The match has finsihed and Arsenal has won 3-0

Fulham (0)-- Arsenal (3)

87 MInutes: Just 3 minutes of full time plus added time left./

80 MInutes: Third goal for Arsenal. Tomas Rosicky has scored the goal this time.

77 Minutes: Change of player for Fulham.

73 Minutes: Freekick for Arsenal.

69 MInutes: Freekick for Fulham

65 MInutes: Arsenal's Clichy shown yellow card

61 MInutes: Corner for Arsenal.

55 MInutes: Corner for Arsenal.

47 MInutes: Freekick for Arsenal.

half time.

42 Minutes: Attack from Fulham.

38 MInutes: Emmanuel Adebayor scored the second goal for Arsenal.

35 MInutes: Just 10 minutes left before first half

30 MInutes: Good attack from Arsenal. Arsenal looking for the secnd goal.

26 MInutes: Emmanuel Adebayo threatnened but his shot was too high.

19 MInutes: Emmanuel Adebayor has scored a goal for Arsenal.

14 MInutes: ANother corner for Fulham but collected by Arsenal goalkeeper

10 MInutes: Good attack from Arsenal but cleared by Fulham defense
5 MInutes: Freekick for Arsenal

2 MInutes: Corner for Fulham but nothing happened

1 minutes: First attack from Arsenal

The match will start within 5-6 minutes. So, stay here.

The match will start at 15:00 GMT. This is an away match for Arsenal. We will try to give live coverage of the match. So, come back here at 1500 GMT.

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