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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everton vs Chelsea Live Score and Live Updates: Carling Cup Semifinal 2008

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Everton (0)--- Chelsea (1)

Chelsea has won the match by 1-0 and is in the final of Carling Cup 2008

94 MInutes: CHelsea missed another easy chance and the match finished.

93 MInutes; Pizzaro missed an easy opportunituy for Chelsea. Nevertheless, Chelsea is going to the final of Carling Cup anyway.

89 MInutes: Change of player for Chelsea.

87 Minutes: Attack from CHelsea. Time is running out for Everton.

84 MInutes: Shot of Wright Philips blocked by Everton goalkeeper for a corner.

82 MInutes: Phil Neville of Everton got yellow card and CHange of player for Chelsea.

80 MInutes: Freekick to Chelsea and got a corner

78 MInutes: CHange of player for Everton.

75 Minutes: Beletti is shown yellow card and Everton got a freekick

72 MInutes: Chelsea is triying to score anotehr goal but shot of Anelka was too high.

69 Minutes: Joe Cole scored the first goal for Chelsea and Chelsea is now leading 1-0.

66 MInutes: Chelsea goalkeeper saved anotehr attack from EVerton.

62 Minutes: First Everton missed and tehn ANelka missed in the space of just 30 seconds.

59 MInutes: Another impressive attak from EVerorton and Everton almost scored a goal but Chelsea was really lucky

57 MInutes: Corner for Everton and good shot from Neville. Everton almsot scored if Chelsea goalkeeper did not block the shot so well.

54 Minutes: Attack from Everton but lost possestion too easily. Counter attack from Chelsea and Joe Cole missed an opportunity.

51 MInutees: THis time Wright Philips attacked but Everton defense could somehow stop him.

50 MInutes: Anelka missed another opportunity.

46 Minutes: Bad luck for CHelsea. The shot of Nicholas ANelka hit the Everton goal post. CHelsea was so close of scroing the first goal of the match

Thanks for being with us. COme back within a few minutes for second half live updates.

45 MInutes: First half finished. The score is goalless.

44 Minutes: Corner for Everton.

42 Minutes: Attack from Chelsea and counter attack from Everton.

39 MInutes: Very good attack from Everton. The shot of Johnson was saved by Chelsea goalkeeper for a croner

36 MInutes: A good attack from Everton.

33 Minutes: Scary moments for Everton defense but nothing happened in the end. The shot of Maluda was too high in the end.

31 Minutes: ANother attack from Chelsea.

28 MInutes: Chelsea i playing better now. Attack from Chelsea but foiled by Everton defense.

25 Minutes: First yellow card of the match shown to an Everton player. Lee Carsley is the player.

23 Minutes: A rare attack from Chelsea and a freekick and tehn Anelka was offside.

20 Minutes: Everton has the upper hand now. ANother attack but the shot of Johnson was wide

18 MInutes: Another attack from Everton but Chelsea defense held on.

15 MInutes: Continous attack from Everton for the last 3 minutes. Chelsea defense is under pressure.

12 Minutes: The match is full of speed and good attacks so far.

9 minute: Corner for Everton and good header but Chelsea goalkleeper did a fantastic save

6 Minutes: Everton is in attack

3 MInutes: Corner for Chelsea but nothing happened.

1 MInutes: The first attack of the match from Everton

The match will start in 2-3 minutes. So, dont go anywhere.

The match will start at 2000 GMT. We will try to give live score and live updates of the match Everton vs Chelsea Curling Cup. This is a very important match for both Chelsea and Everton.

Chelsea supporters are not very happy with the performance of the club this season. Chelsea is in the third position in league table and until now, there is strong competition between Manchester United and Arsenal at the top of English Premier League. So, the fans want Carling Cup.

On the other hand, Everton fans are very happy that their club could come so far at Carling Cup. They want their club to get something out of Carling Cup this season. Well, they have every right to feel so. Last night, we saw Tottenham Hotspur thrashing Arsenal by 5-1. The first leg took place in Chelsea’s home ground and Chelsea won the match by 2-1. Now, the match is going to take place in Goodison Park- the stadium of Everton. So, Everton fans will pray for their club to do the same like Tottenham.

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